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  • What's Camping without a Cocktail

    Camping without a cocktail

    You’ve finally made it!  You managed to slip away from the real world for an evening, a weekend maybe you’re lucky enough to get a whole a week. You’ve finally found yourself lost amongst a vast untouched landscape and the only perk of civilization you’re really craving is a stiff drink, GSI Outdoors has got a couple of solutions for your predicament. We’re arming you with a couple of necessary tools and list of crafty libations that will keep you warm all through the night.


    First, every camper should know that somewhere along the trail there’s going to be a bourbon cocktail involved in some way shape or form. Bourbon and camping go together like peas and pods, peanut butter and jelly, cookies and milk, you get the point. So we’re starting the list off with a bourbon cider called Apres Ski. Place ingredients into your mug in the following order:

    • fill ⅔ of your mug with hot cider
    • 2 oz. of Jim Beam Red Stag Honey Tea Bourbon (or a favorite bourbon of your choosing)
    • top with 2 oz. of French Brandy
    • swirl with cinnamon sticks
    • enjoy!
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    Have you ever found yourself next to a river and noticed how many berry bushes grow along the shore? It happens more often than not, if you’re an avid camper you’ll know what berries are safe to eat and which ones to stay away from. If you aren’t as savvy with wild berries check out this guide, it’s a pretty helpful list of what berries you can and can’t eat.  


    Nothing beats a cocktail with fresh ingredients, especially when those ingredients come from right outside your tent. So the next time you find yourself camped amongst fruiting blackberry bushes try this awesome cocktail- pick a bunch of berries and shake them over ice with 2 ounces of gin and a bit of sugar. If you happen to have mint on you, that’s even better. Pour into your Glacier Stainless Stemless Wine Glass, it makes a great tumbler. These were designed it to work like the Weebles – it’ll wobble but won’t fall down. After two of these, perhaps you won’t be able to do the same!



    For our campers who want to add that little bit of finesse to their camping experience, we’ve got the perfect camping cocktail for you. Introducing the Rye Maple Fizz, said to be a perfect blend of fall flavors and the ideal accompaniment to a campfire. Here’s how you get this party started:

    • 2 oz. or rye whiskey
    • ¾ oz. fresh lemon juice
    • ½ oz. maple syrup
    • ¾ oz. fresh egg white
    • 2 dashes Angostura bitters
    • grated cinnamon and cinnamon stick for garnish

    In lieu of a shaker, throw all of your ingredients into an H2Joe Glacier 0.1 liter water bottle and shake without ice to emulsify. Add ice and shake until chilled. Use an H2Joe as the strainer and strain into a jar, top with soda and garnish then kick back and relax. The next morning you can rescue yourself with a strong cup of infused coffee.



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    Sometimes a fancy cocktail seems like too much work, this is where popping a bottle of wine comes in handy. So for all of our wine-o’s we wanted to share this awesome wine glass gift set with you. It’s got an insulated wine tote, perfect for keeping whites chilled as well as a set of two nesting wine glasses.




    There’s nothing like warming up next to a campfire, getting back to basics and enjoying what nature has to offer. Be sure to check back with GSI Outdoors for more great outdoor ideas.


  • We're Cooking Outdoors!

    We're Cooking Outside

    Campfires and cooking outdoors go together like flannels and mustaches. There’s nothing like the smell of a wood burning campfire to raise your from your slumber in the morning or soothe you to sleep at night, but what compliments a campfire even more? A good meal. They say that food is always better when shared, so we’re taking a look at 5 pretty awesome tricks to cooking outdoors.

     Choose Your Weapon

    When you’re gearing up for your trip of a lifetime it can be hard to make sure you’ve got everything you need. This isn’t just some trip to the Hamptons, we’re talking the great rustic macrocosm that makes up this world and what would cooking outside be without a few good tools? Well, it could be a little challenging, that’s why we’re recommending the Destination Kitchen Set, it has every utensil for any gourmet adventure.

    destination kitchen set

    If organization isn’t your strongest suit, this one’s a keeper. The set is perfect and comes with everything you need to get down and dirty on your outdoor cooktop.


     Light Up the Night

    When that beautiful sun starts to sink behind the vast mountain range and you feel the first stomach growl, the darkness that starts to envelop your campsite can become a little intimidating. Cover your bases be sure to have ample lighting so you can get cooking right away. Light comes in many forms- campfires, flashlights, tiki torches, lanterns and more.  Candle lanterns add great ambiance to the campsite and sit nicely on table tops, creating all the light you need to whip up some grub.



     Let’s Get Cookin’

    Just because you don’t have a kitchen doesn’t mean you can’t get gourmet out on the trail. Let’s start with an oldie but a goodie- Campfire Mac and Cheese, nothing warms you up quite like a hot bowl of cheesy covered pasta. If mac and cheese isn’t really your thing while you’re out in the wilderness then you should check out the Dutch Oven-Braised Beef and Summer Vegetables, perfect for after those long days out on the trail.

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    You can’t camp without dessert, so we’re giving you two options here. First up, Berry Camping Cake- this dessert has a crumble topping and is filled with berries of your choice, yum! Option two- a new twist on an old favorite, Nutella and Banana S’mores. This one is easy but so decadent all you need are two cookies of your choosing, spread on the Nutella, slice a couple of bananas and lay on that toasted marshmallow, done!

     Preparation is Key

    Nothing makes camping easier than good prep work and sometimes a little extra work can go a long way. Follow these tips and all of those mouth-watering meals mentioned above are going to be so simple.

    • First things first- plan all of your meals, know what you’re going to eat at each meal
    • Cut all fruits, vegetables and proteins up before you leave home
    • Once everything is cut up, portion it out into meals and store in resealable plastic bags
    • Liquids can be measured on site and the Fairshare Mug is perfect for those kinds of tasks


     What’s the Best Part of Waking Up?

    Coffee clearly needs its own category and yes, you technically cook it when it comes to camping, but it’s only as good as your pot, so make sure you’re fully equipt with just what you need for your perfect cup of morning brew. GSI Outdoors has plenty of options when it comes to selecting the perfect java maker out in the wilderness.

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  • Get Up and Get Out- Best Places to Pitch a Tent in the U.S.


    Get up and Get out!

    Roughly 3 million people camp at parks run by the National Park Service according to the Outdoor Industry Association. With 58 parks to choose from, how do you even begin to decide? GSI Outdoors has scanned the list and we’ve picked a few of the best places to pitch a tent in the U.S.



    Zion National Park, Utah

    Zion- Utah’s first national park established in 1919. Here’s what you need to know- Zion has three different campgrounds to choose from. All three typically fill up nightly, you can either make reservations in advance or try getting there early. What do you do when you’re there? The Narrows- a section of canyon on the North Fork of the Virgin River, where the walls of the canyon come up so high, blocking most sunlight. It’s absolutely beautiful, check out these three ways to hike The Narrows. The two-day hike is  particularly rewarding with several designated camping spots along the way.

    The Narrows Image via

    Humboldt Redwoods State Park, California  

    The Redwoods, these ancient giants spanning out over 53,000 acres are thousands of years old. What should you check out while you’re there? Hiking is a must, check out Rockefeller Forest where you’ll find the Rockefeller Tree- she’s a 362’ tall and 13’6” wide giant and of course there’s always the Shrine Drive-Thru Tree. What you need to know- reservations are required with the exception of trail camping, so pitch your tent amongst the ancient beauties. With more than 250 sites to choose from GSI Outdoors is sure you’ll find the perfect spot.

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    The Dry Tortugas and Fort Jefferson State Park, Florida

    When we think camping, not everyone thinks about the beach. Why is that? Let the Dry Tortugas change that for you. This is one of America’s most remote National Parks. What you need to know- this is going to be primitive camping and with only 10 campsites available reservations are required. It’s going to feel like you’re on your own private island. You need to bring everything you’ll need including your tent, food, water, gas and/ or charcoal, no wood fires allowed. The trade-off for leaving civilization behind will totally worth it with star-filled skies, the sound of waves lapping at the beach mere feet from your tent, amazing snorkeling opportunities and don’t forget about the ancient civil war fortress- Fort Jefferson. Guided tours will take you around to old cannons and where they held prisoners captive. Enjoy the opportunity and learn all about the forts fascinating history.   

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    Green Mountain National Forest, Vermont

    Green Mountain National Forest is a beautiful place to camp year round, it’s completely free to enter the park and most of their campsites are free too. What you need to know- this beautiful forest has five established campgrounds, but no hookups or dump stations so you must be prepared. What should you do? Hike the oldest trail in America- The Long Trail. The 270-mile trail follows the ridge of the Green Mountain through Vermont from the Massachusetts border to Canada. They’ve got 70 campsites along the way, maintained oh so kindly by The Green Mountain Club.

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    Camping is a great way to bring us back to down earth quite literally, it awakens our souls, pushes out all of the noise and humbles us. It reminds us that there are places much bigger than ourselves and allows us to see the natural beauty this world still has to offer. GSI Outdoors is committed to getting you out there, check back often for more posts on all of your outdoor needs.  

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