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2 Wheels > 4 Wheels

a female mountain biker wearing a full face helmet


There are literally millions of ways to get from point a to point b. Running, skipping, cartwheeling, paddling, driving, flying, floating, etc. Through the years, endless joy has been discovered while exploring the world around you -- especially when you ditch the motorized transportation and use your own power to get somewhere.


Canoe > Motorboat
Skinning > Chairlift
Hike > I don’t know… Hoverboard?
And of course…
Bike > Car

*editors note -- given the chance, we'd probably take a hoverboard over any other mode of transport. Hey scientists -- It's 2017... get to work!


a mountain biker riding through the woods on a brightly colored bike


Ever since removing the training wheels from my 16”-wheeled Huffy when I measured only half my current height, I’ve never stopped chasing that feeling of freedom and flight that comes when you surrender your natural inclination to keep your feet on the ground and go with the momentum.


a group of mountain bikers pedaling through the woods Nothing draws together friends like a pedal through the woods


a girl pushes a bike uphill with a GSI Outdoors water bottle in her backpack Hike, hydrate, descend, repeat


Bikes have come a long way since Baron Karl Von Drais invented the first “running machine” in Germany in (roughly) 1817. The modern day amenities that grace our current whips make bikes from even one or two decades ago look primitive by comparison. Carbon frames, hydraulic brakes, dropper posts, full suspension. It’s no surprise that bikes have become our go-to mode of transportation for exploring the wood and mountains surrounding our homes.


a mountain biker drops off a bridge on a trail Always new features to drop, sections of trail to master


A group of mountain bikers chasing a dog down a trail Even through 2 wheels > 4 wheels, sometimes 4 legs > 2 wheels


As our bikes have grown more aggressive to match our thirst for the next thrill, so have our local trails. There’s always a new rock to drop, a new berm to rail, a new section of trail to master. And whether you’re biking up a mountain, or just cruising down the street to grab coffee creamer from the store, your mood instantly improves when you throw a leg over a bike and push off.


pouring beers into a gsi outdoors enamelware pint glass after a bike ride The Enamelware Pioneer Pint Glass -- specially engineered for maximum parking lot beer enjoyment


And, of course, no bike ride would be complete without the post-ride beer. It's the place of high fives, dusting off any remnants of the trail and basking in that glowing feeling of the ride you just accomplished. And cheers-ing. Always cheers-ing.


cheersing and spilling beer all over You can never have too much practice on those cheers-ing skills.


“It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you have to sweat up the hills and coast down them” -Ernest Hemingway


a group of mountain bikers prepares to ride a trail Cheers to many more days like these
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