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5 Must-Haves For A Winter Cookout Session

Eating in the outdoors isn't just for summertime!

There’s nothing like building a big ol’ backcountry booter with your friends and eating good food while learning new tricks and sharing some laughs. Read on for our five must-haves for a primo jump-building session.

A group of friends with skis and snowboard ready for a backcountry cookout The squad is always down for a backcountry cookout!


Grab your avy-savvy friends and head to the backcountry with your avalanche gear and the know-how to use it. Make sure you bring friends with an abnormal affinity for digging in the snow and an unabashed sense of adventure.

A group of friends smiling in the snowy backcountry Food, friends and tasty beverages. Who could ask for more?
Drinking out of the GSI H20 Lite soft sided water bottle Hydration is key. Luckily, the H20 Lite is sized just right to fit in your pocket.



Backcountry jump sessions are always best when there is a soft landing. It’s also a good idea to find an area with a lot of natural windlips and rollers so you have to do less building on your own.

Digging in the snow to create an area to cook in the backcountry An avalanche shovel is the perfect tool for creating a spot to cook and lounge.


(It’s also helps to bring a buddy who doesn’t mind being the jump tester. Exhibit A.)


A snowboarder goes off a jump into the powder Getting sendy!


If you have a crew of four, the Pinnacle Dualist is very handy because it has a pot for cooking, a set of bowls for your food and a pair of insulated mugs for hot chocolate. Or beer. Also, don’t forget food and water. H2O Light Water Bottles are extremely useful for packing water for drinking, cooking, and feeling like David Hasselhoff.

A friend pours beer into the cup of another friend A true test of friendship: will they share their beer?
Cooking on a table made of a snowboard in the snowy backcountry A snowboard serves double duty as a table in the backcountry.
A snowboard serves double duty as a table in the backcountry. Snow a.k.a. Nature's beanbag chair



You’re going to need to light your stove, but there is a very solid chance that if you only bring one lighter, it will fall in the snow and then refuse to spark after that. Good thing your friends brought backup. That food isn’t going to cook itself.

Fireside Provisions puts together tasty all-in-one backcountry meals. Fireside Provisions puts together tasty all-in-one backcountry meals like Cashew Ginger Chicken and Rice and Curry Cashew Mix


Fun is waterproof-breathable, and nothing can stop it. Your body, however, is a different story. Being cold and wet is not fun, so bring warm gear for the times when you and your friends are hanging out in the snow, laughing about who spilled the food and exchanging jokes about how many snowboarders it takes to change a lightbulb.

Amanda drinks a beverage out of a Fairshare Mug from GSI Outdoors The Fairshare Mug is a backcountry essential
A snowboarder flipping into powder while friends watch and raise their glasses Head over heels for deep powder



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