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5 Outdoor Date Ideas for Valentine’s Day 2017

In the words of Pat Benatar- “Love is a battlefield”, but let’s make love not war. This year is about trading in the crowded restaurants and long stemmed roses for hiking boots and a map with no destination. We’re forming alliances this year with our significant other as we check out five outdoor date ideas for Valentine’s Day 2017.



Valentine, you are my Sunshine

This year we’re all about getting outside and enjoying nature's wonders, why not try a sunrise hike with your special someone. Take along Nesting Champagne Flutes and a bottle of bubbly or pack a breakfast styled picnic and get ready for some legitimate alone time, just the two of you. Living in a colder climate? How about trying a snowball fight, loser makes the winner a steaming cup of hot cocoa.

Adam Boone and Anna Rose Boone Sitting by Eagle Lake while Backpacking and Camping Adam Boone and Anna Rose Boone Sitting by Eagle Lake while Backpacking and Camping

Star Light, Star Bright

Time to opt outside for some serious stargazing. It really doesn’t get more romantic than that. Turn this romantic evening into a friendly competition and see who can spot more constellations. Not really constellation savvy? Check out a few of these great stargazing apps to get you started in your own backyard.


Go the Distance

How about an outdoor date this Valentine’s Day that tests your navigation abilities, we’re talking about Geocaching! Never heard of it? It’s an awesome app that allows you to put your scavenger skills to the test by using the GPS on your phone to find things called “Geocashes”. Make it a challenge and see who can find the “Geocach” first! Winner get’s to pick the next date night.


“Let’s get Physical”

Studies have shown that couples who workout together have more positive relationships, both physically and emotionally. It’s time to grab your sweaty sweetheart and try something new together. We’re suggesting an activity you both haven’t tried yet like paddle boarding or snowboarding, maybe even try a weekend backpacking off the grid or mountain climbing if you’re really looking for a challenge.


Single doesn’t have to suck

As an added bonus we’re going to throw an idea or two out there for all of our single friends. Being single on Valentine’s Day doesn’t mean you have to stay inside. Get a group of friends together and hit the road, head up to the mountains and camp for the weekend.. Close to a beach? How about beach bonfire, fully equipped with s’mores. Surround yourself with the people who care most about you and get ready for an outdoor Valentine’s Day filled with love.


GSI Outdoors has explored some pretty great outdoor date options for Valentine’s Day 2017. Now it’s time to get out there and make the most of it. What are some of your favorite ways to spend Valentine’s Day outdoors?

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