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6 Microadventure Ideas to Make the Most of Your Valentine's Day

In need of Valentine's Day date ideas? Make it one to remember with these 6 fun microadventures perfect for outdoorsy couples.



Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. And since it falls on a Wednesday right in the middle of the week this year, it can be hard for most busy working adults to consider any special plans beyond dinner and Netflix.



We may not be experts in romance, but we are experts in adventure. So we put together these 6 fun, easy microadventures that you can do on a Wednesday after work to make your Valentine’s Day this year extra memorable.



Campfire cuddles



What is a microadventure?

The term “microadventure” was popularized by Alastair Humphreys, a British traveler and author who was named a National Geographic Adventurer of the Year for his work in this field. He stressed that instead of feeling trapped in the “9-to-5” mindset, think of the “5-to-9” — those 16 hours of freedom that are yours.



Note: If you fall into the 64%+ of young adults in the US who are single, you can totally grab some friends or your dog or all of the above for Palentine’s Day, too!



Night hike views



Go on a night hike. Pick a butte, a hill, an overlook, a river--any place where you can escape the buzz of the city and find some solitude. Bring lots of blankets and a headlamp and cozy up with some cider, hot chocolate, or warm adult beverage variation in your Microlite.



Snowshoeing in Oregon



Snowshoe or cross country ski. If you’re #blessed and are lucky enough to have access to good snow where you live, this is a fun option in and of itself. Even better, find a trail to a viewpoint of a shelter and have a campfire.



Kayaking with bae



Take out some kayaks. There’s something about being out on a quiet body of water that makes you feel far away from everything else--even if you’re right in town. Pack up your headlamps, blankets, snacks, and drinks, and enjoy a moonlit kayak sesh with your lover!



Sunrise run in Colorado



Go on a sunrise or sunset run. Not only does exercise get the blood pumping, but it has also been said to bring happiness to your relationship and increase your emotional bond. Depending on your work schedule, this is a quick and easy way to squeeze in something fun outdoors together.



Campfire dinner



Have a picnic. Take Valentine’s Day dinner outdoors! Unless you live somewhere with frigid temperatures in February, cooking together in the fresh air under the stars can put a fun twist on the typical dinner. Set up some candles and don’t forget to bring our shatter-resistant wine glasses--it will be Wine Wednesday after all.



Tents and coffee



Camp in your backyard. Get cozy and go all out with the glamping set up! Fairy lights are non-negotiable, but feel free to add your own flair such as rose petals or breaking out the new two-person sleeping bag you’re gifting them (spare your S/O your sweaty sleeping bag from your last climbing trip for this one).





Microadventures are the best: they don’t have to be a huge ordeal, they can be done close to home, and they’re not that expensive, either. Whether you live in a mountain town or in a city, opportunities for microadventures are endless! They allow you to take a break from your daily routine and do something spontaneous, wild, and free--perfect for spicing up the romance this Valentine’s Day.






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