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A Cure for the Shoulder Season Blues

playing ping pong next to a lake

The days are getting longer.
The snow is receding.
The frozen lakes are melting.


That can only mean one thing — SHOULDER SEASON IS HERE!


Shoulder season comes twice a year and goes by many names: mud season, in-between season, road trip season, temporada media, etc. For those of you who don’t have the luxury of living in the mountains, shoulder season is that time of year that’s not quite winter but not quite spring (or not quite fall but not quite winter). It’s usually accompanied by dreary, rainy days and can lead directly to an increase in drinking alone while you dream of sunnier times.


But we’ve got a cure. It’s simple — get a group text going and round up the squad. Grab a cooler of tasty beverages, a rain jacket, a few chairs, some food/cooking supplies and a few games. That’s what we did on a recent dreary shoulder season Sunday and had our own little party. Here’s a little photo-log of our adventure. Enjoy!

three girls unload chairs from a truck Always bring chairs!

If you don't know where to go, relax. It doesn't really matter where you go if you've got your crew. Our fool-proof formula is to drive toward one of the following things:

  • a lake or river
  • a park
  • forest/woods
  • desert
  • long dirt roads
  • mountains
  • any place you've never been before
girls walk through the woods on an adventure It's not a true adventure unless your vehicle leaves your sight.
playing ping pong next to a lake Game on! The Freestyle Table Tennis set from Outside Inside snaps to any table. Because you don't choose the pong life -- the pong life chooses you.

Things to do:

playing fetch with a dog next to a lake

Cooking food on a beach next to a lake A little hot food will lift anyone's spirits!
a dog stands on the beach next to a lake Herschel the dog is ready for adventure 24-7-365
making coffee with a gsi silicone java drip The GSI Halulite Kettle and Silicone Java Drip are perfect for a mid-day pick-me-up.

drinking hot coffee next to a lake

having fun next to a lake


Well, there you have it. You have everything you need to make it through mud season like a pro. Don't worry, spring will be here soon.




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