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A Match Made in Camp Heaven: Find Your Cookset Soulmate

Let us be your cookset matchmakers.

Cooking dinner on the Bugaboo




Finding the perfect cookset for your camping needs can seem as difficult as trying to find your soulmate. With such diverse options on the market, it’s hard to know which sets are the right fit for you - and which ones are just leading you on. It’s risky to put your trust in a cookset, and you expect it to support you in return. Many times you make sacrifices for the set and spend a lot of time carrying around the extra weight, just to end up getting burned.




We offer a lot of camp cookset options, and for many looking to upgrade their camp wares it can seem like there are too many sets in the sea. We’re here to take the stress out of cookset courting and pair you with the gear that fits your camping style.



Consider us the cookset matchmakers.




Thru hiker whipping up dinner in the Minimalist.


The Pros (and Semi-pros)

It’s not just newbies that get butterflies in their stomachs in the camping gear isle: ultralight, long-haul backpackers struggle to find light gear that holds up to the test of the trail. You’re not picky, you know what you want; you just can’t quite find it. Behold the Halulite Minimalist Complete: all you need and nothing else. Weighing in at 9.4oz it really is minimalist, but manages to squeeze in a high output stove, integrated windscreen, 0.6L pot and lid that double as a insulated mug, and a telescoping foon. The Minimalist Complete is what we like to call the whole package: it’s everything you need to fuel your thru-hike, but no extra weight to bog down that ultralight pack of yours. It’s the trail partner that will never disappoint (something we can’t say about the human variety).




Weekend Backpacker

You’re looking for a little less commitment than the Pro, something you can enjoy from time to time on a two day weekend jaunt into the backcountry. You’re interested in more amenities than the long haulers, but don’t want to add unnecessary weight to your weekend warrior pack either. The Halulite Microdualist is the perfect mate for you: this nesting cookset includes a cooking pot, strainer lid, two bowls, two insulated mugs with sip lids, two telescoping foons, stove bag, and sink stuff sack - with plenty of room for your fuel canister to nest inside. The Microdualist doesn’t mind third wheeling, so grab your date and head out on the trail - just don’t tell them your one true love is in your pack.



Bugaboo camping with a nesting mug


Frontcountry Tent Camper

If frontcountry camping is more your thing, you’re probably frustrated with lugging plastic bins full of cooking gear to the car every time you go camping. Turns out, you can feed the whole crew without throwing out your back loading up the car. The Bugaboo Camper is the one you’ve been searching for: four plates, four insulated mugs, four nesting bowls, one 2L pot, one 3L pot, a 9in frypan, and welded sink bag for all your gear and lids to nest inside. This versatile cookset packs everything you need for your fireside meals into a tiny footprint - and is reconfigurable from a 2 person cookset to a 4 person set so all your tent mates can enjoy a meal. Your friend group or family size may fluctuate, but (despite its Teflon non-stick coating) the Bugaboo Camper will stick with you through thick and thin.




So, you want to live in a van down by the river? Great! Vanlife camping gives you unlimited meal options, so you need a cookset that’s as flexible as you are - and takes up much less precious square footage. Your perfect pair is the Pinnacle Base Camper Small - durable, non-stick aluminum pots for ultimate performance and space efficiency. The set includes a 1.5L pot, 2L pot, two strainer lids, 8 inch frypan, cutting board, folding pot gripper, and welded stuff sack that doubles as a wash basin. It’s organized, compact, and tough: what you’ve always wanted in a vanlife partner. Unfortunately this cookset can’t take shifts driving, but it won’t ever judge you if you get lost or have to wash your hair in a gas station sink. That’s true #vanlove.



Pioneer enamelware dinner




If your camping style is more “backyard picnic” than “backcountry excursion,” you’re looking for something classic and durable for years of picnic table feasting. If you want a camping experience in your cabin or camper without the pit toilets and back pain from sleeping on the ground, try the Pioneer Camp Set. This set includes 15 pieces of our classic porcelained enamelware for a vintage camp meal with modern durability. The set includes a coffee pot, 3 quart kettle and lid, and an 8.75 inch frypan along with four mugs, four bowls, and four plates with stainless steel rim accents. The bright colors and shine mean you can have your meal and Instagram it too. And, it’s dishwasher safe for easy cleanup - this is a low maintenance relationship.




Backpacking microdualist



Choosing a cookset can be a daunting task, but we hope our suggestions help you find the one to match your camping style. Then you can add “camp chef” to your profile… who wouldn’t swipe right on delicious food?






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