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A Yurt Vacation.

Making good on a #gsiresolution

Last week we shared our #gsiresolution list with you all.


As the saying goes, there's no time like the present, so this weekend we set about crossing an item off of our list. We did a little research and booked a yurt for the weekend. The temperatures forecasted to be COLD (high of 7 low of -3) but there was a wood stove in the yurt, so we packed up and headed out for the first adventure of 2017.






We had to snowshoe in about a half a mile from the car. When we arrived we set right to work, get the wood stove fired up and brew some morning coffee.






Once the place was warmed up, we set about exploring. It was snowing out - fresh flakes clung to the branches making everything look like a true winter wonderland. That same snow managed to find it's way down my back each time I tried to duck under a branch. Ahh the good life! We discovered a good sledding hill, saw some amazing views and crossed moose tracks all over the place but failed to spot an actual moose.




A few hours later, we were thoroughly chilled and headed back to the yurt. The fire in the stove had warmed the space nicely. Despite the frigid temperatures outside, inside it was warm enough to hang out without a jacket. We set to making hot toddies before preparing dinner.








Dinner over and dishes washed, it was time for games. The yurt was equipped with a folding table and chairs. We played games well into the evening.




The next day was more of the same, and by that I mean AWESOME. What a great way to welcome in 2017!




I think next year we'll add another #gsiresolution to our list, make more resolutions just like this - crossing them off is SO MUCH FUN!


Share your #gsiresolution with us!

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