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An open letter to the sunshine

whistler backcountry

Dear Sunshine,

Thank you for coming back. It feels like you've been gone forever.

Thank you for burning goggle tans into everyone's faces so we look like pro skiers. Thank you for making tulips appear in the mud holes next to our houses. And thanks for melting out our parking spots so we don't have to park down the street anymore.

But most of all, thank you for the perfect fort-building snow.

adult snow fort

You've melted our landscape just enough to make it perfectly packable. You've created a material finer than adobe.


adult snow fort with stove

And your warmth. We can’t forget about your warmth.

There's nothing like sunshine and hot coffee in the backcountry

You keep us warm while we drink beer in your light. You turned our world into a giant, squishy growler holder!

coffee and a stove and beer in the mountains coffee, hot food, and beer. so much yes.

You see, Sunshine, adulting isn’t always easy. Office chairs and paying bills and showering every day can be hard, but you make everything better. You give us a place to build our own chairs and cook outside. You make us forget that our office microwave and desk chairs even exist.

snowboarder in snow cave with backcountry shovels Snow fort game is strong

We’re glad you’re back, Sunshine. We still have a few new tricks to land in the park and one or two more peaks to summit, but we’re happy to see you and sit in your perfect fort-building grandeur.


We’ll be here all weekend.

snowboarder smiles in backcountry mountains smiles for miles.



halite camping boiler and vacuum sealed thermos the good life.


All photos by Abby Cooper.

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