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Cabin Fever

Spring Cleaning for the Soul

Fly fishing next on a river in the desert. Life’s always better when you can catch your dinner

It’s getting to be that time of year when winter seems to drag on forever. Don’t get us wrong - there is a lot to love about winter. Specifically, bottomless powder turns with a board strapped to your feet. But as the gray of winter stretches on, you (and half your town) may start getting an itch deep down for open skies and wide open spaces (cue that old Dixie Chicks song). Whether you make your home in a mountain town or a sprawling city, a trip to the desert always cures whatever ails ya.

Studying maps while mountain biking in the desert. There are no shortage of places to explore in the desert.


Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike. Nothing compares to the simple pleasure of riding a bike.


It’s around this time of year when cabin fever gets the best of us and the only choice is to round up the troops for a little desert getaway. We figure if school kids get spring break, why not adults, amiright? Just thinking of the fresh air and sunshine has us ready to peace out and hit the road.


One of the beautiful things of desert camping is the abundance of ridiculously great camping spots to be had, especially if you’re willing to go the primitive camping route. A quick google search will yield plenty of possibilities. Just find a destination that’s reachable within a day of driving and set sail.



The recipe for a good time is simple. Round up:

  • About 4-8 people. We’ve found this to be the magic number. Too many and a simple trip turns into a whole new beast.
  • A few days worth of food, water and snacks
  • Tents/sleeping bags/sleeping pads/clothes/cookware/dinnerware/utensils/chairs
  • Beer/wine/mixer of your choice
  • Games/mountain bikes/fishing gear/hiking shoes/bocce ball set
Two friends drinking wine next to a campfire in the desert Campfire + Wine = Good Times
Friends sitting around a campfire Life needs more campfires
Grilling meat over an open campfire Mmmmm… Flame-grilled meat


Pro Tips:

  • Always bring a spare jug of water AND a spare package of bacon, jic.
  • It’s easy to go overboard when packing for car camping. Just remember, the more stuff you bring, the more stuff you have to unpack, then repack when it’s time to return to the real world.
  • Don’t fret the details too much. Remember, you’re car camping. Chances are pretty good that if you forgot something, you’ll be able to find a store to grab whatever is missing pretty easily.
  • Peanut Butter is the most versatile addition to any camp kit. This brings us to our secret recipe tip:

Peanut Butter S’Mores

Ready to step up your s’more game? Try this twist. It’s just like it sounds - spread some peanut butter on a graham cracker, add chocolate and toasted marshmallow and enjoy!

Well, it’s time to get a group text going and round up the crew. Your clothes will have that lovely essence of campfire in no time at all.


Friends sitting around a campfire under a star filled sky. Moments like this satisfy the soul.
A beautiful view of a desert mountain range at sunset That John Denver may have been onto something.


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