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Camp Knives That Will Make You Cut Out Dull Meals


We’re going to take a stab in the dark and guess that you’re not quite as obsessed with knife technology as the design nerds at GSI are. In fact, you’d probably find the intricate details of knife design quite dull; you just want a knife that isn’t. Therefore, we won’t bore you with the details of our cutting edge technology. Let’s cut to the chase and help pare you with the knife that’s right for your camp cooking needs.


Santoku Knife Set


This is the Chuck Norris of camp Knife Set, containing three knives in a convenient carrying case with a cutting board, towel, and soap bottle. It’s the greatest thing since BEFORE sliced bread. This convenient set is a cut above the rest: these knives can peel veggies, filet fish, cut twigs, and complete just about every camp task besides pitching a tent. If you’re looking for more camp cooking utensils, look no further than the 23 other camp kitchen gadgets in the Destination Kitchen Set. Caution: these knives may know karate.



Santoku 4in Knife


Small but mighty, this Santoku Paring Knife is perfectly rockered for easy camp food prep. No matter what edgy meal you have planned, this knife will help you slice and dice your way to flavortown. To get to the point: this knife needs to be in your camp cooking arsenal - either on its own or in the Santoku Knife Set.



Slicing up dinner with the Santoku paring knife



Santoku 6in Chef Knife


If Gordon Ramsey spent less time yelling at people in the kitchen and more time whipping up meals in the backcountry, this is the knife he’d use. If you’re looking to sharpen your camp cooking skills, start with this 6in Stainless steel chef’s knife, also found in the Santoku Knife Set. It’s more versatile than duct tape and won’t make your fingers all sticky. For best results, use while wearing a white chef’s hat. You’ll look real sharp.



Serrated 6in Knife


If gourmet camp dinners are more your style, round out your knife collection with the 6in Serrated Knife. This toothed blade will make you smile as you slice through thick bread or squishy tomatoes with ease. This is the third and final knife to make the cut in the Santoku Knife Set.



Sliced veggies ready for grilling



Any way you slice it, GSI is your one-stop-chop for quality camp knives to take your camp meals to the next level.






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