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Camping Gear You Can Use In Your Home Kitchen

These Products Go From the Backcountry to the Backyard

Drinking out of a collapsible wine glass in the backyard




It's 2018, and we're all about things with multiple uses. Watches that double as phones. Phone cases that double as wallets. Cargo pants that zip off into shorts. (Okay, that trend is thankfully dead, but you get the idea.)



We make cooking gear for the outdoors, but that doesn't mean our gear strictly belongs in the mountains. Here are our favorite products that fit perfectly in a home kitchen but easily transfer to the outdoors - just like you.




A Destination Kitchen utensil set with everything you need to cook at home




Destination Kitchen Set 24


Are you still whisking with a fork? Flipping pancakes with your fingers? Buying pre-grated cheese because you don’t have a grater? Step up your kitchen utensil game with the Destination Set - complete with a cheese grater, whisk, spice shaker, spatula, knife, large spoon, cutlery set, condiment bottles, cutting board, scrubber and towel (all in a convenient case for packing up and heading out). If you’re the kind of person who eats gourmet meals in the backcountry but lives off ramen at home, you need this kitchen set - perfect for apartments, campers, cabins, or full-on home kitchens.



Nesting Wine Glass Set


No need to invest in fancy stemware for your kitchen - these nesting wine glasses look nice enough for entertaining and their impact resistance and collapsibility mean you save shelf space usually taken up by tall, bulky wine glasses and you’ll never sweep up broken glass from your floor again. Wining down shouldn’t be a hassle.



Ultralight Table


You can never have enough tables. This one, in particular, holds its own without taking up extra space. Compacting to just 0.6in thick and weighing just 26.2oz, this aluminum camp table slips into a backpack with ease (or any junk closet / next to the refrigerator / under the couch) to be pulled out at camp, for a backyard barbecue, or any other time you need your things off the ground.




Sipping from an enamelware camp coffee cup




18oz Enamelware Cup


This Stainless rimmed cup isn’t just for holding in front of waterfalls for Instagram pics (yes, we see you). Convenient 18oz size and classic blue finish means this cup fits in anywhere - from a mean campsite brew to a homemade latte enjoyed at your kitchen table.



Cutting Board 


This cutting board can take anything you throw at it, from freshly caught fish to your farmers’ market veggies. Clean, classic, and *gasp* dishwasher safe, our cutting board was designed to withstand years of camp cooking - so it can withstand your home kitchen, too. Pair with our Santoku Knife Set and you’ll never want to cut/chop/dice/slice any other way again.




Glacier Stainless Frypan


Before we ramped up the rugged features of this stainless steel nonstick pan, it was originally a household item - and still holds its own from the camp griddle to the kitchen stove and anywhere in between. Heavy-gauge aluminum core keeps this pan lightweight and heating quickly, so you feel like a regular Gordon Ramsey.



30 Fl Oz Javapress


What do a day in the office and a multi-day backpacking trip have in common? Both start with copious amounts of coffee. Fuel up with the 30oz Javapress: a French press elegant enough for display on your kitchen counter but portable and shatter resistant for traveling backpack-style. Easy to use, this french press makes delicious coffee every time, so you’re sufficiently caffeinated to take on any adventure that lies ahead.





Slicing bread on a camp cutting board




We know you like good food and delicious coffee even when you're not on an adventure - so trust your meals to gear that performs well in the woods and in the suburbs.







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