Follow “Drive Nacho Drive” as they circumnavigate the world…

Follow “Drive Nacho Drive” as they circumnavigate the world…

Follow “Drive Nacho Drive” as they circumnavigate the world…
Sounds like a crazy idea in a ‘84 VW camper van.
At the end of 2011, Brad & Sheena quit their jobs and remodeled “Nacho” the Volkswagen Vanagon to set out on an incredible adventure.
Over the last 15+ months the pace has been slow… along on the way they’re discovering “culture, food, recreation & emergency roadside Volkswagen maintenance!”

Before departure, they gutted Nacho & redesigned a truly functional interior for a “round-the-world road tripping machine.”
What a layout for a pair of gourmet roadies… custom kitchen cabinets, 3- burner stainless stove top & sink, hot water heat exchanger, solar electric & UV water purification systems.
Brad, an engineer by trade, used his talents to make use of every square inch in the onboard galley…
“The fridge fits exactly up to the drawers, which fits exactly up to the water tanks, which butt up against the electrical box. The stove fits over the drawers like a nicely placed Tetris piece.”
Check out the details of Nacho’s remodel-

Brad & Sheena are foodies for sure!
Their “just wingin’ it” attitude makes each post a joy to read…
colorful photos of food markets & cooking up the regional fare in Nacho’s custom kitchen.
They post recipes, visit local restaurants & get some incredible home invites to enjoy the culture of family kitchens along the way.

From their start in Arizona, they’ve passed through Mexico & Central America…
all the way to the tip of South America- “Tierra del Fuego”!
Nacho was recently packed on a container ship in Buenos Aires bound for Malaysia.
They flew to Kuala Lumpur to start the next big leg the trip… Asia!
They would like to “drive from Laos into China, cut into Tibet, and drive through to Nepal.
Cross India and Sri Lanka, and then return to Tibet.”
Afterwards they’ll cross the Central Asian republics along the ancient Silk Road.
The Silk Road journey will come to an end in Istanbul, Turkey.
The goal is to publish a travel adventure book about the drive across Asia along the ancient Silk Road.

They have just launched a Kickstarter campaign to help fund their upcoming book project…
Drive Nacho Drive: China & the Silk Road by Volkswagen Bus

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No matter how you subscribe to their updates you’ll feel like you’re right there on this wonderful adventure!