Return From the southwest

Spokane, Wa Return From the southwest

Well all it came, it went, it was fun. I just returned from the BASS Federation Nation Western Divisional in Navajo, New Mexico. It was quite the adventure to say the least. after making two turn a rounds for forgotten items and a 19 hour non-stop road trip. my traveling companions and I were burnt out but that didn’t stop us from hitting the lake first thing. I was awake for something like 36 hours it was insane. I didn’t realize I had it in me still. The scenery was beautiful and the weather for the most part complied with our needs. I could have done without the wind though but I guess it blows every day down there and that’s just the way it goes.  Well now I can say my GSI dukjug is a multi-state traveler. (I should start getting state stickers and slapping them on it like people used to do with luggage).  It stood by me through he whole adventure and kept me well hydrated in the southwest sun. I just wish it had a sunblock dispenser.  Ultimatley in the end I did ok you can follow the link below and see the breakdowns. Now it is off to the lake for a little camping, cooking and fishing in preparation for this years state team qualifiers.
See you in the woods or on the water.