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Don't Leave Your Leftovers Behind

Opting outside.


The relatives are gone, the card table is back in the closet, and your bags are packed for your #optoutside adventure. Then the age old post-Thanksgiving dilemma hits you: what are you going to do with all that extra food?



No matter how big your family is and how hungry your cousin claims to be, Thanksgiving meals always seem to end with a fridge full of leftover food. If you don’t want to waste the home cooked holiday deliciousness but still want to spend your Black Friday outside, these portable leftover ideas are designed to fit in a pack and be enjoyed in the great outdoors.



Cooking at the cabin.



Turkey Sliders


When life gives you leftovers, make a sandwich! These sliders are designed to use as many Thanksgiving ingredients as possible while maximizing trailside deliciousness. First, slice a dinner roll in half to make two slider buns. Layer turkey slices, a spoonful of stuffing, some mashed potatoes, salad greens, and a dollop of cranberry sauce between the buns. Make as many bite-sized sammies as your adventure requires and stow in your pack for whenever hunger strikes. For optimal backcountry dining, heat the sliders in a pan and press them into flat mini-paninis.



Careful wine pour



Wine Time


Does your family have an unspoken rule to bring three bottles of wine too many to all formal functions? Luckily, wine goes just as well with leftovers as it does the big meal. Pour a bottle into a wine tote and bring it along on the adventure.



Fun flask!



Spiced Cider


If wine isn't your thing, try a spiced cider to keep you warm while you #optoutside. Add three cups of cider, ¼ teaspoon nutmeg, and ¼ teaspoon cinnamon, and a splash of rum or bourbon (if desired) to a pot. Simmer over medium heat until warm, stirring occasionally. Pour into a vacuum bottle or a flask for warm sips on the trail.



Balancing a spoon on the nose





It’s not Thanksgiving leftovers without a slice of pie. Pack some slices in a camp bowl with a lid, like the ones in our Infinity Tableset, and enjoy with a can of whipped cream (it’s worth the extra pack weight). Perfect for dessert, breakfast, or both. Don’t forget the foon!




Lunch break



This Black Friday, don’t leave the leftovers at home while you opt outside. With these easy leftover tricks in your pack, you’ll be ready to conquer whatever Mother Nature throws your way.





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