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Dutch Oven Pizzas

It's not delivery, it's a dutch oven!

A toasty dutch oven pizza cooked over the campfire for a delicious meal when camping



On this week's episode of Foods I Didn't Think I Could Make While Camping, we present: Dutch Oven Pizzas!


That's right: you can enjoy a deliciously baked pizza right at your own campsite. With a little effort and lots of help from our camp Dutch Ovens, you'll be enjoying a slice from the comfort of your own camp chair, tailgate, bench, or stump in no time.



A dutch oven pizza ready to be cooked over the campfire for dinner



Pizzas are the perfect campsite dinner, whether you're baking solo or feeding a hungry group. Pizza is endlessly customizable, so you can finally please both the meat lover and the vegetarian in your friend group (dinner will be the one thing they won't have to argue about). Our Dutch Ovens are stackable, so you can whip up one pizza or five - all at the same time.




Pizza ingredients in camp containers





Step 1: Gather The Ingredients


Must haves:

Pre-Made Pizza Dough

Tomato Sauce

Shredded Mozzarella

Vegetable Oil


Dutch Oven(s)


Pick Your Toppings:



Artichoke Hearts

Extra Cheese









Pine nuts



Pineapple (controversial, we know)

Whatever else suits your fancy!





Spreading pizza sauce onto pizza dough to cook over the fire in a dutch oven




Step 2: Assemble the Pizzas


Light the charcoal briquettes and let them heat up. Meanwhile, coat the bottom of the dutch oven/s with vegetable oil. Separate pizza dough into sections big enough to completely cover the bottom of each oven and press into the corners. Spread tomato sauce on the dough, leaving room for crust on the outer edges. Cover with copious amounts of cheese, then get to topping your pizzas! Once your chosen toppings are arranged just right, place the tops on the dutch ovens. Time to bake.




Pizzas baking over the campfire using charcoal coals to heat the dutch ovens - baking the pizzas inside




Step 3: Bake the Pizzas


Now that your pizzas are assembled, the coals should be hot and ready (you want coals to be completely white for prime cooking temperature). Place your biggest Dutch Oven on top of an evenly spaced ring of coals (not directly in a campfire) and cover the top of the oven with coals. Stack the remaining ovens on top of the first with their legs or a stand, placing plenty of coals on the tops of each oven. Cook for approximately 25 minutes, until the cheese is melty and crust is golden brown. Carefully remove the lids with a lifter and set aside to cool. Use a spatula to remove the pizza and place on a cutting board to slice. Dig in, dutch oven master!





Removing the pizza from the dutch oven, ready to eat





No matter how many campsite guests or picky eaters you have on your hands, a dutch oven pizza can do the trick. Get as creative as you want with toppings or stick to classic pepperoni - we won't judge. Pizza just tastes better in the great outdoors.







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