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Giving Thanks to the PNW

Evening light on the river



To many, mention of the Pacific Northwest brings images of man buns, puffy vests, and Starbucks cups. As much as we love our flannel shirts and Subaru wagons, those of us who call the PNW home know the true magic of the Upper Left, USA. The northwestern states have a personality and natural beauty all their own, captivating anyone who comes across them. As Thanksgiving approaches, we pause to reflect on how lucky we are to work and play in the Pacific Northwest.





Why we're thankful for the PNW...



1. For a landscape that provides for outdoor adventure and incredible Instagram shots at every turn.
From the Cascades to the Rockies, snowcapped peaks call to us from above. Mount Hood and Mount Rainier loom over the cities, keeping watch over the bustling streets. We’re blessed with backyards filled with dense forests, stunning waterfalls, pristine lakes, and world-class climbing routes that bring outdoor enthusiasts from around the world.



Canoe buddies



2. For PNW summers, when every weekend leads to a new adventure.
Up here we’re gifted with warm, sunny summers without the intense heat of the desert. Opportunity for adventure is endless: we can bike the Hiawatha, backpack the Enchantments, climb the Three Sisters, boulder at Smith Rock, and jump in secret swimming holes (shhh). A PNW summer isn’t always perfect, though, and this summer some devastating wildfires hit the region. We’re thankful for fire crews who worked strenuously to save what they could and for the new life brought forth by the flames.



Rainy hiking in the forest



3. For the PNW rain, the drizzles and the downpours.
The rain marks the shoulder season, the time to tune up the bike or the skis. It feeds our rivers, nourishes our local farms, and saves us a trip to the carwash. The rain reminds us to cherish the clear days and to
always pack the rainfly (but never an umbrella).



Snowboard jump



4. For the PNW winter, which we patiently await.
From Mount Bachelor to Schweitzer Mountain to Whistler, we’re blessed with good skiing in the Northwest. After a day on the mountain, the cold PNW nights make cabin hot toddies taste even better. We thank our four wheel drive for escorting us through precarious mountain passes and the kind strangers who help those who get stuck. Most importantly, we give thanks to ski patrol, backcountry avalanche centers, and search and rescue teams working around the clock to make winter adventures safe for all of us.



Backcountry cabin couple



5. Above all, we’re thankful for the people of the PNW.
They buy local, support their communities, and are unapologetically weird (we’re looking at you, Portland). They have a deep history of protecting natural places and the environment as a whole. They know how to make a mean cup of coffee and always have great craft beer recommendations. The PNW is a beautiful place, but the people make it truly special.




We might be a little biased, but whether you’re a PNW native, transplant, or occasional visitor, you can appreciate that the Northwest truly is best. This year, we give thanks to the outdoor playground our business and our employees call home, for generations to come.
Because it’s all about the outdoors, the rest is meaningless. Happy Thanksgiving!




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