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GSI Cookware 101

If you're a seasoned pro, the only thing scarier than a grizzly in your tent is the thought of a boring meal around the campfire. The best outdoor cuisine starts with choosing the right cookset, but that can feel more complicated than packing for the PCT. A heavy Dutch Oven works great for your #vanlife, and other times, you gotta keep it light. That's why we developed different materials for our cookware-- so you can pack what you need when you need it.



So many great gear choices can be overwhelming, so we’ve put together this guide to help you decide which cookset will work best for your foodie needs.


We developed 4 main cookware materials to make your outdoor meal easier: Pinnacle, Halulite, Glacier Stainless, and Bugaboo.




Construction: Hard anodized aluminum with Teflon® with Radiance Technology coating



Think of this as the Tesla of backcountry cooksets. Lightweight, efficient, durable, and constructed with the highest technology. The Teflon® with Radiance Technology coating reaches temperature 25% faster for maximum heat distribution (and more evenly-cooked rice/eggs/whatever). This is the best of the best. If we need a cookset that performs at the highest level to store in our pannier bag while biking across the country, this is the set we’re choosing.



Construction: Uncoated, hard anodized aluminum


Making coffee with Halulite Tea Kettle

The Halulite series packs more durability and performance per ounce than any other cookset, period. It conducts heat better than titanium and boasts an ultra-hard, uncoated surface that resists scratches like no other cookset on the market. Ultra light but extremely rugged, this is the set we’re throwing in our pack if we’re setting off for a month on the PCT or Appalachian trail.


Glacier Stainless

Construction: Uncoated, Stainless Steel


Items don’t become classics by accident. It takes years of unquestionable performance and quality. And it’s no accident that countless owners of Glacier Stainless cookware have overwhelmingly declared it their favorite. This material is the champion in durability and reliability. Fire-proof, rust-proof, almost anything-proof, this is the cookset that takes a licking and keeps on cooking. Glacier Stainless is the Toyota Tacoma of cooksets - it keeps working no matter what you throw at it. If we’re canoeing into the boundary waters for a week of camping and portaging, this is the cookset we’re tossing in our Duluth packs.



Construction: Aluminum with Teflon® Classic coating


Bugaboo Campset

Lightweight aluminum construction and two-layer Teflon® Classic coating for non-stick performance combine in our Bugaboo line of cookware resulting in more value per dollar than any other cookset on the market. This is the Sprinter Van of cooksets. It’s also what we’re bringing in our drybag on a 2-week raft trip through the Grand Canyon.


As you’re prepping for your next trip, whether it’s an epic multi-month trek or a weekend with friends at your secret spot, we hope this guide helps you decide which cookset is right for you.


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