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how are you doing on your resolution to #getoutside

We're almost a month into the new year. Can you belive it?


So far, we're really excited about our choice of 2017 resolutions - spending more time outside is always a good choice. You can go back and check out our full #gsiresolution list, but here's how we've spent the past month.




Early in the month, the weather indicated a pretty decent snow storm was moving through the hills. What a perfect time to snowshoe into the backcountry and camp for the evening. The wind howled most of the night, over a foot of snow fell and we had a blast. Eggs for breakfast and a peaceful snowshoe out the next morning before the day trippers showed up made it all the better. We'll definitely be doing more of that.






We've made a point to have weekly #coffeeoutside. It's been the perfect reason to see how many new ways we can brew our morning cup. We have rekindled our love for the 1 Cup Stainless Mini Expresso. I see backcountry lattes in our future!




We snuck out for a pre-work cross-country ski.




We've had a few runs in the snow, some by headlamp (and a good long one during the full moon!).


All in all, we're off to a pretty good start!


We want to know about your #gsiresolution share your photos and videos across social media, tag with #gsiresolution and you just might win some sweet #GSIoutdoors gear!


Happy 2017 everyone - now, GET OUTSIDE!

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