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Here's Why You Should Bring a French Press On Your Next Camping Trip

Je t'aime, French Press.

French press on a camp morning



The French have an uncanny ability to make a good thing much, much better. Bread is nice, French Bread is delicious. French Toast takes regular toast to the next level. Make a braid or a kiss into a French one, and voila! Instant improvement. Fries are great, but French fries… well, those are the same thing, but you get the idea.



The French Press has been taking coffee to the next level since its invention in 1929. It’s easy to use for a delicious cup of coffee every time: at home, in the van, at the campsite, or wherever your brain calls for caffeine. Not only is the French Press a lifesaver for coffee brewing, but it can be used for a number of non-coffee cooking tasks as well. This little gadget is the camp cooking equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife - you don’t want to leave home without it. Soon you’ll be saying au revoir to your old coffee brewing ways and bonjour to the versatile French Press.



A French Press clipped onto a backpack - portable and durable for backpackers




The GSI Javapress Family


We offer a wide range of French Presses in different styles and materials, so you can get your press on anywhere from the office to the backcountry. Ooh la la!


  • The Javapress - Just like your home French Press, the Javapress packs ease of use and durability into a travel-ready unit. Featuring a silicone ringed plunger and high-tech insulation for a perfect cup every time. With 30oz or 50oz size options, you’ve got carte blanche to choose the best Javapress for you and your crew.


  • Personal Javapress - Same lightweight Javapress, but this one’s personal. An inner mug nests inside the 20oz French Press for easy storage: just clip it on your backpack and head out.


  • Commuter Javapress - The ultimate on-the-go coffee press: a French Press and coffee mug all in one. Our patented sliding inner carafe replaces the plunger rod so you press and go in one easy step. Many have tried to imitate, but no one comes close to the perfected design of the Commuter Javapress.


  • Glacier Stainless Commuter Javapress - This stainless steel Javapress is ready for wherever you take it. With the same sliding carafe and double walled insulation as the classic Commuter Javapress, this sleek press adds a certain je ne sais quoi to your standard travel coffee mug.


  • Glacier Stainless Javapress - Last but not least, this simple stainless steel French Press is durable enough for the trail but attractive enough for use in your home kitchen. This press will press on for years to come.



Commuter Javapresses make it easy for French Press coffee on the go




How to Javapress


It may seem foreign, but French pressing is an simple process - which is an essential for any activity that occurs before coffee. If you’ve never pressed before, avoid a coffee faux pas by following these easy steps:


First, scoop coarsely ground coffee in the bottom of your Javapress - around a tablespoon of coffee for each cup of water. Boil the desired amount of water and pour half of it over the coffee, Give it a stir, then attach the lid with the plunger fully up and let the coffee brew for 2-4 minutes. Gently and slowly press down on the plunger. All coffee grounds will be trapped below the plunger for a mud-free brew. Put on your beret and pour your morning cup of joe. Bon appetit!




The Javapress is perfect for camp cocktails




Javapress Hacks


It may appear to be just a coffee making apparatus, but the French Press is the ultimate camp cooking tool in disguise. Not only does it whip up the lifegiving caffeine necessary to sustain energy on the trail, but it serves many purposes for meal prep and enjoyment - making the Javapress worth its weight in gold (or more, it’s very lightweight).



Try one of the many French Press uses other than making coffee:



  • Tea! The age old fight of tea drinkers versus coffee drinkers can relax; both can use a French Press to whip up their favorite drink. Just like coffee grounds, the plunger of a French Press is perfect for steeping and separating loose tea leaves from your drink. Turns out the French Press is the ultimate caffeination machine, no matter how you take it.
  • Cocktails - No need to bring a cocktail shaker along when camping… just whip out your Javapress! A few up and downs with the plunger mixes cocktails with ease, and you can infuse berries or herbs in your drink and then strain them away. Transition from morning brews to nighttime entertainment and back again without any extra gear - the Javapress is just that good.
  • Straining Grains - rinsing rice or quinoa can be a pain, especially when away from running water or a sink. Fill your French Press with your grains and water and pump the plunger to rinse, then use the plunger to pour away the excess water and your rice is ready to cook.
  • Frothing Milk - add hot milk to the press and press the plunger up and down to froth. Perfect for a latte, cocoa, or London Fog on the go!
  • Infusing - end your long day of hiking with some infused water by adding slices of lemons, cucumbers, mint, raspberries, watermelon, oranges, kiwis, limes, you name it! It never hurts to treat yourself on the trail.
  • Rehydrating Foods - Fill with dried foods and hot water and cover. Let sit to rehydrate, then strain the water out and enjoy your juicy snack.


Relaxing with the Glacier Stainless Commuter Javapress - the perfect coffee thermos for brew on the go.




Whichever way you press it, the French Press is the crème de la crème of the camp coffee brewing world. Vive la French Press!







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