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Last Chance to Fulfill Your 2017 Resolutions

Forgot about those resolutions you made back in January? No problem - there's still time!

Oops! We forgot about our 2017 resolutions!



Let’s be honest: the new year is the time to make promises to yourself you won’t actually keep for more than a month. Life gets in the way, you forget about those big self-improvement dreams, and you fall back into the same routine you had last year. What if, this year, we broke that cycle of disappointment and actually achieved the goals we set for ourselves last January 1st?


Depending on your feelings toward 2017, you might be 100% ready to leave this year behind and ring in a new one. But before we stay up too late and get a little tipsy on NYE, here are some last minute ways to improve yourself now and end 2017 with one less letdown.



Hiking through the pow.



Working Out


Did you tell yourself you’d go to the gym before work every morning? Committing to a 5am alarm for a year is hard, and unless you have the willpower and motivation of an Olympic gymnast, not likely to last for too long. Instead, try a workout that’s fun and makes it easier to crawl out from under the comforter. Try indoor climbing for upper body and core strength, cross-country skiing for cardio, or hit the deep powder for leg day - it’s a workout disguised as an adventure!



Spread Kindness


The world sometimes feels like a scary place, so maybe this year you resolved to spread some kindness. If your plan to carry out random acts of kindness turned into sparse acts of kindness, there’s still time to deliver positivity in your community. Give a secret gift to a friend or neighbor who needs a little cheer or volunteer at a local organization - there’s always help needed around the holidays. Celebrate the season of giving by helping those around you and make the world a little brighter before the New Year’s fireworks.



Fresh veggies on the grill.



Healthy Eating


Resolutions to eat better are a common goal these days - yet the call of the Nutella jar sometimes weakens the desire for kale and quinoa. Instead of overhauling your entire pantry, commit to one small healthy change a day for the rest of the year: choose whole grains over refined, bulk up your veggie intake, or try no sugar for a day.



Laugh More, Stress Less


If you’re a vague resolution writer, you may have decided to “stress less” this year. A simple concept, sure, but incredibly difficult to pull off in real life. You can cut down your 2017 stress levels in a simple way: getting more fresh air. Sometimes all it takes to put things in perspective is to remind yourself how big and beautiful the natural world is. Schedule a day to take in the silence and calm of the great outdoors before the craziness of the new year kicks in.



Milky way above a backcountry cabin.



Less Screen Time


Another popular resolution in our high-tech world is to minimize screen time. This is a hard goal to achieve these days when emails need to be answered and photos need to be ‘grammed. The best way to step away from the screen? Head somewhere without cell service to reduce the temptation to scroll. Recharge your batteries and find a place where the only bright lights in your face at night are the stars.



Learn Something New


Knowledge is power! Continuing education can sound like a massive undertaking, but it doesn’t take a huge commitment to learn something new. Sign up for an avalanche certification class or say yes to the new thing your friends have been bugging you to try. It doesn’t hurt to try new things, and it will give you something to humblebrag about at the New Year’s Eve party.



Friends don't let friends skip their resolutions.



Don’t let the fact that 2018 is approaching faster than a saucer sled down an icy hill make you give up on this year’s resolutions. You’ve still got a chance to try something new and meet the goals you set for your future self way back in January. With a little effort, you can cross off your list of resolutions at the last minute, just in time to set some new ones!







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