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Meet Infinity polypropylene: one small step for camping, one large step for mother earth.

To Infinity and Beyond: the Infinity Campware Collection

Dining on Infinity plates



Once you spend as much time thinking about plastics as we do, you learn not all plastic is created equal. Polycarbonate plastic is particularly undesirable: it absorbs food odors, leaches chemicals into food, and weighs down backpacks with its heavy structure. Nobody wants smelly, unsafe, heavy dishware ruining their meals, especially after lugging a heavy backpack twelve miles into the backcountry.



Instead, we created a polypropylene technology for our cookware called Infinity: Infinity pieces are safe, clean, and so light they’re almost anti-gravity. No need to worry about BPAs or nasty smells: Infinity plastics are clean, green, and mean. Found in many of our camp dinnerware sets, GSI Infinity plastic will blast your camp dinners to Planet Deliciousness.



Hot coffee in a cool Infinity mug



Clean looking and clean feeling - the jewel-toned Infinity sets are as clear as a bluebird day and are easy to clean in the campsite sink or deep in the backcountry. Their see-through colors allow you to see just how much water is in your Dukjug or if there’s any hot cocoa powder stuck at the bottom of your Infinity Mug. Infinity plastic does not absorb any tastes or odors, so you won’t find any funky surprises when you dig out your gear in the spring. And unlike your dog, Infinity pieces become more stain-resistant with every wash. Infinity tableware really is the clear winner.



Sliced vegetables in Infinity bowls




Plastic that’s better for the earth? It’s hard to believe, but Infinity plastic is easier on your body and the earth than polycarbonate dinnerware. Unlike polycarbonate resins, our Infinity plastic is totally BPA free and void of leaching chemicals. There’s no Phthalates or Antimony present in Infinity plastic, which are not the names of Greek philosophers but are potentially dangerous chemicals you don’t want in your food or beverage (come to think of it, you don’t really want philosophers in your food or water either). Infinity cups, plates, and bowls ensure nothing is going into your body that isn’t intended to. On top of the health safety, Infinity plastic is completely recyclable at the end of its long lifespan - if you manage to outlive it.



A mean camp breakfast




Clean and earth-friendly doesn’t usually equal toughness, but it certainly does in the case of Infinity dinnerware. Infinity plastics are stronger than lighter than other plastics on the market, . Strong in hot and cold water, the high melting temperature means your piping hot morning coffee won’t melt or mangle your mug. It’s also impact resistant and 46% more durable than other BPA-free polycarbonate alternatives. But wait, there’s more! Less dense than water, this strong plastic is 20% lighter than other BPA-free plastics and actually floats! That’s good news if you often drop your bowls in a river, but also good news if you carry your dishes on your back.  




Dinner's ready on Infinity dinnerware



Infinitely better than other plastic campware options, the Infinity tableware will take your campsite dinners to infinity… and beyond!






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