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Nest Level Nesting Gear

Nesting in the backcountry



When it comes to the best camp cooking gear, we’re not winging it. We push ourselves to design nest level gear that our customers will be raven about for years to come. One of our favorite eggstraordinary features to include in our products is nesting capability, to save you space and make your pack light as a feather. If you feel like your old cookware is robin you of packing room, our nesting products will fit the bill.



Javapress in the woods


Glacier Stainless Commuter Javapress

If you’re an early bird and need your brew to be on the go, this double walled Javapress is for you. No more plunger rods getting up in your beak: this french press has an inner sleeve that nests inside the outer mug for extra insulation to lark in the heat. Inner carafe keeps stray grounds out, making delicious coffee that’s easy to swallow.



Wine before dinner



Nesting Wine Glass

Glass doesn’t work so well in the backcountry. Hence, we developed stainless steel nesting glasses for your drinking pleasure. These wine glasses won’t crack under pressure: they can take a fowl (fall) and still serve up rosé all day.





Wine Glass Gift Set

We know a drink in the hand is worth two… not in the hand. If you’re not a chicken when it comes to wine night in the woods, this set is for you. The tote holds a full bottle of wine, but that’s not owl! The handy side pocket means not one nesting wine glass but toucan join you in your outdoor adventure.



Halulite being unnested



Halulite Microdualist

This cookset is no yolk! Weighing in at less than a pound, this set includes a cooking pot, strainer lid, two bowls, two mugs, two telescoping lids, a stove bag, and a welded sink/stuff sack in which it all nests. This set is so fly, you could say it’s migrate. Bringing this cookset on your next trip won’t be something you egret.



Dog keeping watch on the bugaboo



Bugaboo Camper Set

Things that fit this well together should be illeagle. Four insulated mugs, four plates, and four bowls nest tightly inside a 2L pot and a 3L pot, with strainer lids nestled on top. No matter your cooking talont, your friends will claw at the chance to enjoy a meal with the Bugaboo. If you’re looking to tern your dinner into a feast, this set is for you.



Unnesting some mugs



Nesting gear saves room in your pack but holds up to the demands of cooking in the backcountry. We believe less space is better, so we design individual pieces that disassemble and bigger sets that store compactly for easy access wrenever your crew flocks together. Next time you’re feeling peckish but have little capacity for cookware, give nesting a try!




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