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New Products for 2017

more fun in the outdoors



We're always looking for ways to help people #getoutside and make their time while there even more enjoyable. We have quite a few new products coming out in 2017 that will do just that. The following four are a few of our favorite - here's why.


Nesting Champagne Flute



Ever hiked a high peak and taken in the 360-degree panoramic view? It's amazing especially if you and your group are the only ones there. Once you arrive, you generally put on another layer, sign the summit registry, have a snack and take some photos before heading down. We think this is a toast-worthy event, a cause for celebration so we decided to do something about it. For 2017 we're happy to introduce the Nesting Champagne Flute. Pack a couple of these and a small bottle of champagne - you can enjoy the high-life at high altitude.


Check it out here


Essential Travel Spoon



Two things tend to plague meal time on backpacking trips. First, if your dinners consist of Backpacker's Pantry, short spoons and tall pouches lead to even dirtier hands. Second, getting the last bit of food out of the pouches so that clean up and pack out is cleaner has always been an issue. We've solved both of these issues with the Essential Travel Spoon. This long-handle spoon gives you further reach and the silicone edge allows you to scoop and scrape with ease. Bye-bye dirty knuckles!


Get yours now


Sierra Cup



This is a camp classic with a modern twist. The 12 fl. oz. ultra-rugged Glacier Stainless steel Sierra Cup has been re-designed with a folding handle. The wire handle folds flat to save space and extends for a little extra reach so you don't end up in the creek when dipping water. It also makes a pretty alright tea cup when you're trying to keep warm with a new friend.


View it here


Microlite 500



This sleekly designed vacuum bottle will keep your beverages hot or cold for hours. Made of durable Glacier Stainless Steel it's perfect for commuting, picnics, sporting events and base camping. Being 1/3 lighter than other vacuum bottles it's also perfect for packing warm beverages on your next winter hike, snowshoe or ski outing. It's pretty handy for staying warm during a snowball fight too.


It comes in 6 amazing colors - pick the one that suits you best.


There will be more new products available in the coming months, but for now check out all of the new and in stock 2017 products on

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