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Not Your Grandma's Cookware: Classics Get An Upgrade

Old school meets new school.

Enamelware pots cooking in the cabin



It seems like everyone’s doing things the old fashioned way these days: listening to records, buying veggies at farmers markets, and practicing film photography; some dedicated folks are even going back to using typewriters.



The good news is, you don’t have to revert to using an outhouse or riding your horse to work in order to get in touch with simpler times. We’ve reinvented cookware classics so you can bring some nostalgia into your kitchen without the old timey quality.



Dutch oven on a campfire



Dutch Ovens



Unlike the Wild West cowboys, you won’t need a chuck wagon to haul these bad boys around.  Our aluminum Dutch Ovens are as tough as their cast iron ancestors at only a third of the weight. Less weight = more room for food, and that’s an equation every generation can get behind. Don’t let this foreign cooking vessel intimidate you: read our crash course, grab some charcoal, and get cooking by the campfire.



Enamelware mugs in the morning






Another relic of cowboy supper wagons, classically elegant enamelware has made a big comeback with the modern camper. Our Enamelware collection pairs the traditional speckled enamel finish with superior durability and stainless steel accents. Even better: these pieces are dishwasher safe. Now days 1, olden days 0.



Glacier steel percolator heating up on the stove



Coffee Boilers and Tea Kettles



If you’re a coffee connoisseur looking for new brewing techniques, try your hand brewing a pot the way your great grandparents did. Master the bubble of the Percolator method, or kick it really old school with a Boiler Pot. If coffee isn’t your caffeine of choice, try our enamelware Tea Kettle. These old-fashioned pots are functional and decorative, unlike that big ugly coffee maker hogging your counter.



Group backpacking trip in the mountains



Stainless Steel Cup



The ultimate camp classic: the Glacier Stainless Sierra Cup - from when there was no grid to get off of. This is the cup John Muir drank out of, probably. Durable steel construction and simple folding handle makes this 12oz water cup an easy addition to your camping collection. Get in touch with your inner explorer and hit the trail (staying hydrated, of course).



Dutch oven transporting




With these classic cooking pieces in your gear inventory, you’ll be claiming that back in your day you carried your Dutch oven uphill both ways in no time.






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