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Oh Those Su-ummer Nights...

An ode to summer.

As daylight shortens and camp mornings become chillier, we honor the season of campfires, river trips, and nights under the stars.


Dear summer,


For months we awaited your arrival. We shoveled feet of snow, dreaming of your warm sunshine on our faces. We slipped on ice and laid on our backs yearning for days of plunging into water in liquid form. We waited out spring rainstorms pounding on the rain flies of our tents, wishing for the season when we’d leave the rain fly in our packs.


We waited patiently, summer, and you returned right on schedule. Your arrival meant longer days, farmers markets, and summer ales. We jubilantly dusted off our kayaks, canoes, backpacks, and sandals.


Your warmth made our favorite swimming holes the perfect temperature, and your sunshine dried our skin without a towel. You cleared the snow from our favorite trails, dried our sweaty socks, and gave us a sunglasses tan to be proud of.



We raised our mugs of coffee to your sunrises, our adult beverages to your sunsets. Your golden hour glow filled our Instagram feeds with orange beauty. We stayed up late in your twilight, sharing meals and laughter and embarrassing stories. Under your starry skies we made sweet s’mores and sweeter friendships.


Sure, you weren’t without fault. You left our skin with burns and bug bites. At times you brought unbearable heat and sparked wildfires that clouded your blue skies. But your wrath reminded us to appreciate the shade and the clean mountain air. We treasured the clear days, embraced the scent of sunscreen, and remembered to stay hydrated.


Alas, you must leave us for another year. As we don our flannels and consume pumpkin spice everything, we will look back on fond memories of summer nights in the outdoors.



Here’s to you, summer.



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