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Pacific North Best

A Letter of Affection

sitting in a hammock next to a lake


Here at GSI Outdoors, our affection for the Pacific Northwest is pretty apparent. It’s where GSI was born and still lives today. It’s where we find inspiration for new ideas and the perfect proving grounds for putting our products through the test. If they can survive here, they can survive anywhere. So this week, we bring you a poem about this amazing place we call home.


standup paddle boarding in a lake with a dog


Entire lifetimes can be spent searching for the holy grail
Spanning ocean, continent, road and winding trail


There’s a magical place unmatched by the rest
A not-so-secret hideaway that always impressed


Lakes are haphazardly dotted across the sprawling landscape
And ribbons of water connect the dots as rivers begin to take shape


friends cheers coffee mugs next to a lake

Valleys stretch far and wide across the luxurious lands
From the lumbering redwoods to the coastal sands


And visible all around, the towering venues we seek
Rising up from the depths into great mountain peaks


The springtime brings rain, the summer flowers
And winter rolls in leaving endless white powder


friends cheer on a friend while snowboarding in the backcountry

It’s where we frolic and bike and hike and camp
We’ll never admit it but at times we even glamp


Likeminded community spiderweb the distance
People of unmatched fortitude; unequaled resilience


Embedded in the landscape, working for the weekend
Planning the next adventure, maps navigated by moonlight
If you listen closely, you can hear in the distance
The gathering call echoed loudly; Squad unite.


So next time you’re gramming and throw up a #blessed
You can be sure you’re in the Pacific North Best


splashing in a lake at sunset

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