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Skiing + Horses + Cocktails = Mayhem!

Walking dogs while watching skijoring

Just what in the world is skijoring? We were asking ourselves the same question a few weeks ago when we saw an advertisement for the Skijoring World Invitational. According to Siri, skijoring is a winter sport originating in Norway where a person on skis is pulled by a horse, dog or a motor vehicle. This may sounds like a recipe for disaster but, if you add in some sunshine, a few friends and a tasty cocktail, this sounds like a nice little Saturday.

Skijoring under sunshine and mountains Sunshine, skis, horses and mountains. Kinda sounds like a John Denver song.

That’s how we found ourselves gearing up for a big day of skijoring spectating in Whitefish, Montana. We had our crew. We had our long underwear. The only thing left was to craft the perfect cocktail to keep us toasty warm while standing out in the snow cheering our faces off.


It’s hard to pick a best winter cocktail--Irish coffee, hot buttered rum, hot toddies. All excellent choices, but we wanted to get a little creative for this endeavor. We wanted to take a classic, the always delightful hot toddy, and add a fun wintery twist to it, and thus the Hot Apple Pie Toddy was born. Perfect for filling a vacuum bottle and throwing in the backpack! (Might we suggest the Glacier Stainless 1L Vacuum Bottle OR the Glacier Stainless Microlite 500)


After a little “product testing” to make sure we had our recipe just right, here is what we came up with:


Hot Apple Pie Toddies

Mix together:
-1 1/2 cups hot water (boiling)
-2 1/2 tablespoons honey
-1/2 cup lemon juice
-2 cups apple brandy


Stir together until the honey is dissolved. Add a cinnamon stick to your mug, fill to top and cheers a friend!

Drinking beer while watching skijoring Yes, please!

When the big day finally arrived, we packed a Glacier Stainless 1L Vacuum Bottle in our backpack and hit the snow. And we couldn’t be happier to have something warm to sip to combat the blustery breeze blowing through the skijoring grounds.


Drinking from a pioneer pint enamelware glass

Briar enjoys the sunshine while his owners watch skijoring. #sundog

Right about now you’re probably still asking yourself, “Okay, but what is skijoring?” Well, the short answer is a horse pulls a skier a few hundred yards across a field, around a corner and then back in the other direction. Add a handful of jumps and some slalom gates to the mix and you have skijoring. And these skijorers were no joke. There were people flying everywhere and crashes were plentiful. We even slipped a few mugs of hot apple pie toddies to some competitors that were looking for a little extra liquid courage.


Drinking beverages from the pioneer pint for some extra courage Getting those last sips of liquid courage before her run.

Skijoring combines the art of horseback riding and skiing for an exhilarating event.

Our only complaint from the day was that we didn’t prepare enough Hot Apple Pie Toddies. Thankfully, the local brewery was on hand filling our Pioneer Pint Glasses with freshly brewed suds to keep us properly lubricated.

The Pioneer Pint is the perfect container for any tasty beverage. The Pioneer Pint is the perfect container for any tasty beverage. We always throw a spare or two in our pack!
The Pioneer Pint from GSI Outdoors is the perfect vessel for a frothy beverage. It's a well-known fact that beer tastes better when sipped from a Pioneer Pint Glass.


If you ever spot a flyer for a skijoring event, round up the squad, fix a few tasty cocktails, and lace up those winter boots for a day you won’t soon forget.

Moro didn’t seem to mind being a packdog for the day when the Infinity Backpacker Mug is his only cargo. Moro didn’t seem to mind being a packdog for the day when the Infinity Backpacker Mug is his only cargo.
The Glacier Stainless 1L Dukjug holds a liter of any beverage to keep you moving along. The Glacier Stainless 1L Dukjug provided the refreshments for Moro.
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