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The Art of Making a Proper Weekend Bug-Out Bag

Biking away from work with a weekend bug-out bag

Have you ever had this feeling before — It’s getting late in the week, the mundane office tasks are piling up, and you start to think you might drown in the mounting stacks of paperwork. You’re so close to the weekend, but it feels so far away. You sort of remember what nature is, but the concept starts to feel foreign.


You need a weekend bug-out bag! Bug-out bags have been getting a lot of attention in the last few years. For those of you unfamiliar with the concept, a bug-out bag is a portable kit that contains the items one would require to survive for a few days when evacuating from a disaster. While these are important, we’ve modified ours to contain everything you would need to get away from the office and into the woods as quickly as possible.


Here are a few items we recommend putting in your weekend bug-out bag. Stick a kit like this in your car, and you’ll always be ready to set off into the woods at a moment’s notice.

All of the essential supplies for a weekend bug-out bag All of the essentials for bugging out

1. THE Backpack or Bag

First of all, it wouldn’t be a bug-out bag without the bag part. Any bag will do, but bonus points for choosing a bag that’s easy to carry. A spare backpack or duffel bag will work perfectly and usually has plenty of room for your weekend bug-out essentials. (Note: You'll want a bigger pack that holds sleeping gear if you're not car camping or just going on a day trip.)



+First aid kit because you never know.

+Layers: “You can’t control the weather, but you can control your layers.” -dads everywhere

+Heat: You’ll need a good stove so that you can eat hot food, boil water. Maybe you’re a coals and foil kind of person, or maybe you prefer cooking with an awesome stove. Regardless, make sure you bring the heat.

+Cooking gear: You can be a high roller with the ever-awesome Bugaboo Camper Cook Set, or you can be a dirtbag and cook a hotdog on a stick. Either way, we've been there.

+Dishes : Cups, coffee thermos, silverware— you’re not an animal.

+Warm things: Sleeping Bags, tents, down booties, especially if you’re car camping. Load that van up with all the warm things.

+Coffee: A good cup of coffee can erase the pain from a night of sleeping on a deflating air mattress in the back of your truck. Grind it, brew it, and enjoy. (PS- speaking of grind, remember this?)

Pro Tip: You can keep your gear organized in a waterproof box. This is also a good place for your camera, matches, lighter, or beans. Nobody likes soggy beans.




You’re going to want to eat while you’re in the wilderness recharging your soul. Protein bars, trail mix, bananas, and plenty of water are staples in any food kit.

For meals, we’re really into Good To Go for something delicious and easy, or you could up your gourmet game and opt for Glamping Sushi. This is your world. We just eat in it.



Eh, maybe you don’t need one of those. Just make sure you can find your way back to civilization by Sunday night.

Friends sitting around a campfire under a star filled sky. Campfires: perfect for recharging the soul


Okay, your friends won’t fit in your bug-out bag, but bring them, too. Adventures are meant to be shared. And paired with wine, fire, and stories. One of your merry hippies will probably even bring an acoustic guitar and bust out all the Stairway to Heaven you can handle. Good thing your bug-out bag runs deep.


biking away from work fast


Go grab a bag, start rounding up supplies and get ready for your next adventure. Because there’s no wrong time to bug out!


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