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What Kind of Backcountry Foodie Are You?

Feast or Famine?

A group walks along an alpine lake with their camping gear in backpacks When you're carrying all your gear in on your back, every ounce matters!

Cooking in the outdoors is a whole different game. Gone are the endless supply of clean dishes, pans, cooking surfaces, utensils and running water. But cooking outside doesn’t have to be a daunting feat. The first step is establishing which type of backcountry foodie you are -- we’ve identified six of the most common below.

Friends sharing a nighttime snack while camping Once the bohemian smells your cooking, they'll be all over you.

1 - The Bohemian

We all have this friend . They show up for a multi-day trip with an impossibly small amount of supplies, but they assure you that they’ll be fine. Against all odds, they manage to subsist off a diet of a few expired granola bars and some candy without missing a beat. You even start to wonder how they’ve survived this long. You can be sure that when you start cooking the delicious meal from Fireside Provisions that you’ve been daydreaming about for the last five miles of trail, your friend’s nose will lead them over to help “sample” your tasty dish. Don’t fret. Sharing is key to any friendship, and your generosity may mean more to them than you realize.

If you’re camping with The Bohemian, check out the meal plans from Fireside Provisions. They let you pick trip length and custom select meals using their slick drag-and-drop selector. And all meals are designed for two people so nobody has to worry about going hungry.


A couple sitting on the Ground Cooking Food while Backpacking at Donner Summit You'll never catch a Type A+ packing unnecessary gear in the backcountry!

2 - The Type A+

This is that one friend who never misses a detail. Their packing lists are works of art. Quite simply, they’ve done this before, and they know which supplies are worth bringing and which ones should stay in the car. If one could be professional at camping, it would be this person. Cookware and dishes? Check! Water pump? Check! Lightweight utensils? Check! Sleeping pad patch kit? Check! Spice Missile to give your dinner a kick? CHECK!

And best of all, they always remember the flask filled with aged bourbon (or your spirit of choice). Because if there’s ever a place deserving of sipping fine spirits, it’s next to a campfire with good friends.

A group of women relax by a campfire and river while drinking a glass of wine. Wine Glasses are a camping essential for some folks.


Cooking on an outdoor stove Not exactly roughing it.

3 - The Kitchen Sink

You’ve all camped with this person before. They never leave home without their multi-burner stove. Their cooler is packed to the brim. Heck, maybe they even packed a second cooler. Out of bacon? Turn that frown upside down - They brought an extra pack. Need a place to cook? They brought a table. And a spare table. And lawn chairs. And games. When this person is along, the one thing you don’t have to worry about is going hungry.

Due to the sheer volume of equipment necessary to dine like this, The Kitchen Sink is often limited to car camping expeditions. If you’re camping with this person, give them a pat on the back and don’t forget to help out when it’s time to do dishes. It’s the least you could do. And if you are this person, we’d like to offer you a collective THANKS from every person you’ve ever gone camping with. You’re seriously the best!

A group of friends plays bocce ball Games are the perfect way to kill time while waiting for dinner to cook.


A couple dines on the edge of an alpine lake The MacGyver can turn everything into the best meal.

4 - The MacGyver

The MacGyver is one of the most useful people to have on a backcountry camping trip. They’ll find the best spot for camp, have it set up and catch you a fish for dinner, all in the time it takes you to inflate your sleeping pad. For breakfast, they’ll have magically found some fresh berries to add an exotic twist to your oatmeal. Cooking over the fire? You better believe they’ll whittle you a weenie-roasting stick that looks as if it were carved by Paul Bunyan himself.


Great job McGruber! Great job MacGruber!

5 - The MacGruber

This one thinks they’re a MacGyver but their handy fixes always turn into flops. Those berries they found for your oatmeal - poisonous. The fish for dinner? Turns out you need to know how to clean a fish, too. If you find yourself camping with the MacGruber, you may want to think twice about eating those berries they found in the woods or you might be in for a rough couple of days.


A couple prepares dinner at a picnic table while camping in the woods. With a Destination Camping Kitchen set you'll never find yourself without a utensil again.

6 - Forget Me Not

This is the friend who seems to have it all together but always manages to forget a key element. They have a fancy new stove but forgot the fuel. If they have cups, they forgot plates. They brought bread but forgot the peanut butter.

One way to avoid this falling victim to this is to pack an all-in-one solution like our Pinnacle Dualist Complete. It packs everything you need into a neat little package. Just add a fuel can and you’ve got everything you need to cook for two in the woods. Because nothing kills the mood faster than learning you’ll be suffering through uncooked oatmeal and cold instant coffee for the next few days.

A couple samples a meal while cooking in the wilderness The Kung Foon is perfect for grabbing samples while cooking.

So, how do you stack up? It's never too late to make some changes so your friends will think of you as a MacGyver because nobody wants to be a MacGruber.

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