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flyfishing next to an alpine lake at dusk

Here at GSI, we’re huge fans of mountains. They are our favorite playground and the stomping grounds for our product innovation. By this point, almost everyone has heard the famous expression, “The mountains are calling and I must go.”  We think John Muir knew exactly what he was talking about when he uttered those timeless words.




Article A: Midweek Pow Days & Other Adventures


Have you ever been driving to work on a rainy weekday in the city wishing you were anywhere but on the freeway? You can bet a case of PBR that as you sit in traffic, your friends in the mountains are likely high-fiving in the lift line as they get ready for another lap. Since most mountain town residents strive to have creative work schedules, locals usually avoid the weekend warriors at the ski resort (or other nearby attractions like national parks), instead opting to have their outdoor fun during the week. The benefits are plentiful — shorter lift lines (more laps), less crowded happy hours (more buzz) and freedom to sleep in when that happy hour turns into happy hours (more zzz’s).

a woman does yoga next to a lake Lakeside yoga > yoga literally anywhere else

Article B: Freedom to Explore

One of the greatest advantages to living in a mountain town is the freedom to venture outside of mainstream activities. Instead of a day on the ski lifts, try a day of backcountry skiing or splitboarding. Not interested in a professionally-guided whitewater raft trip? Find a friend with a raft and explore a new stretch of water. Sick of riding bikes on the paved paths around town? Get some beta from the local bike shop (a 6’er usually greases the wheels) and go on an epic ride — the kind where you see more animals than people. Once you realize that there are way more places to explore beyond the bounds of the free town shuttle, you’ll see a broad new horizon of adventure possibilities.

a group of friends backcountry skiing Some of the best turns can be found far from any ski lifts

Article C: The Powder Clause

No, this isn’t Santa’s lesser-known brother. The Powder Clause, a.k.a. the 12-inch rule, is a very real way of life in mountain towns. For those of you unaware of this mountain town decree, it’s a simple rule stating that if a foot of snow falls overnight, everyone closes up shop (or comes down with a 4-hour cold) that morning. You better hope you don’t have any pressing business at a local shop on the morning of a midweek pow day because chances are pretty good you’ll find a hastily-scribbled note taped to the door saying “back at 12:30pm.”


skiing extremely deep powder Midweek pow days make the world go round
tying a fly onto a fly pole line When this is your morning coffee routine, you'll learn that work can wait.

Article D: Things move a little slower in the mountains

Say goodbye to sitting in traffic (except for the occasional line of cars heading up the mountain on a pow day). When your commute could just as easily be done on a bike, taking the long way home sounds like a bonus option and not a chore. Merely living in a place surrounded by towering peaks encourages you to take a few extra moments to enjoy your surroundings. Have that extra cup of coffee while watching the sun rise. Throw a few more casts into that hole where you know a trout is hiding. Or just take a moment to go outside and take in your surroundings. It can be easy to become immune to the constant barrage of beauty in every direction.


cliff jumping into a lake


For anyone who has ever dreamed of the mountain time life, we wholeheartedly encourage you to take the plunge and go for it. As Warren Miller loves to say: “If you don’t do it this year, you will be one year older when you do.”


friends enjoying coffee on a bridge over a stream

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