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Why You Should Spend NYE Outside

Pouring champagne



New Year’s Eve celebrations usually start with the best intentions: getting together with friends to celebrate and dance the night away until the clock strikes midnight. Yet more often than not, NYE turns into a headache to rival that of the New Year’s Day hangover: you end up broke from expensive drinks, voiceless from screaming over the DJ, blistered from your party shoes, sore from attempting dance moves you shouldn't have, and freezing cold waiting for your ride outside the bar in the snow.



If 2018 is your year of getting outside and trying new things, this New Year’s Eve is the time to start. You can avoid the hassle of city celebrations by taking the shindig out of town. Here are some reasons you should trade the grungy bars and unruly crowds for a NYE under the stars.



Cheers to New Year's



Cheaper Drinks


Think skipping the bars means skipping the drinks? Think again. It’s easy to BYO drinks in the outdoors and it won’t leave you crying in 2018 when you see your bar tab. For NYE purists, our Nesting Champagne Flutes mean you can pop the bubbly and toast the new year in style. If champagne isn’t your thing, bring your drink of choice along in a Boulder Flask or Glacier Stainless Growler and cheers your way into 2018 without burning through your Christmas bonus.



Ditch the Uber


Avoid those surge rates! Keep off the winter roads at night and ring in the new year safely by staying in one place. You don’t need a DD when your bed is where the party is! Celebrating in a tent or backcountry cabin means you can party to your heart’s content before crashing in your cozy sleeping bag.



Backcountry tailgating



No Fancy Outfits


No reason to get fancy - the only thing on your outdoor NYE dress code is whatever keeps you warm. Trade the glittery dresses and white button downs for down jackets and thermal layers (and a swimsuit if there’s a hot spring nearby!). You’ll be comfortable and cozy - terms never before used to describe New Year’s Eve attire.



Better Fireworks


Getting out of town means better views of nature’s fireworks - head away from city light pollution until you see the night sky. Give your dog’s nerves a rest and kick back to watch the stars or even a northern lights show if you’re lucky. Bring sparklers along for some long exposure photos by the fire or just enjoy some rare peace and quiet.



Coffee and skis!



Start the Year Right


Instead of waking up in 2018 with a headache and regrets, start off New Year’s day with a little dawn patrol. A backcountry NYE means you’re already close to the slopes: whip up some hot coffee and head out there! Start your new year off on the right ski with a New Year’s Day shred session before the other partiers are awake.




This year, take the party outside and celebrate the New Year away from civilization. We promise you won’t miss the loud music or $12 cocktails - and you just might start a new NYE tradition.






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