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Wine or Wine Not?

A quiz about our favorite fruit juice

drinking wine while camping

Oh, wine, how we love you so. You brighten any occasion and make life’s moments just a little bit sweeter. It was Robert Louis Stevenson who famously wrote, “Wine is bottled poetry” and we couldn’t agree more. With that in mind, we wanted to dedicate this week’s blog entry to all the fellow wine lovers out there.


So for all of you that fell in love with Two Buck Chuck as broke college students like we did, we offer the following quiz:


Wine or Wine Not?


sipping wine next to a lake

Situation: You just finished an epic bike ride and it's getting pretty late in the day. As the sun slowly makes its way toward the horizon, you wander over next to the lake to take in the pretty view!


Answer: Wine!


Cold beer may get all the glory but it can get a little filling when you’re parched. This is where wine comes in handy! Just make sure to hydrate with plenty of water as the wine will hit you a little quicker when your body is dehydrated. And if you have to ask how much wine is too much wine, you’re probably already in the too much wine category.


a hammock next to an alpine lake

Situation: You’re enjoying a nice Saturday afternoon stroll through the woods when you stumble upon a lake. This is the perfect opportunity to test out that fancy new hammock you got for Christmas.


Answer: Wine!


Just like how cheese makes macaroni infinitely more delicious, wine makes sitting in a hammock infinitely more relaxing.


driving home from a hike

Situation: You and a friend are driving home from a rainy hike in the woods and you can’t wait for that first sip of wine.


Answer: Wine Not!


There are no ifs, ands or buts about it; if you’re driving, the wine can wait. Besides, all that anticipation is going to make the wine that much more delicious!


cooking dinner at a picnic table

Situation: You've returned to camp after a big day of adventuring. Dinner is started, the steaks are on the grill, and you're getting some games going to kill time while your dinner cooks.


Answer: Wine!


But be careful, pets might not be aware of your new outdoor setup and may unwittingly cause a wine disaster.


Pro Tip: a nice Cabernet Sauvignon pairs well with s'mores!

Adam Boone and Anna Rose Boone Sitting on a Rock by a Tree Having Wine at Donner Summit while Backpacking

Situation: You’re out for a weekend hike with your favorite hiking slash life partner and you stop for a little trailside snack. You bust out the crackers, brie, dried apricots and gourmet salami. But what should you drink?


Answer: Wine!


Bonus points if you pull this off around sunset — everyone knows wine and sunsets go together like peanut butter and jelly!


Pro Tip: Grab some boxed wine (a.k.a. grown-up juice boxes), ditch the cardboard box and drop the bladder into your backpack for a different kind of trail hydration — perfect for shorter jaunts to swimming holes and scenic overlooks.

Playing hacky sack while drinking wine

Situation: A spontaneous game of hacky sack breaks out at the campsite.


Answer: Wine!


Now this is a tough one. Hacky sack requires agility and concentration, so natural instinct says that this is a “wine not” activity. Well you couldn’t be more wrong! Wine makes almost everything better, especially campsite games. The wine glass ads an extra level of difficult and since the GSI Nesting Wine Glasses are resistant to breaking, they’ll survive an accidental fumble should you lose your grip. Just make sure to bring plenty of wine as some spillage is bound to occur.



Well, there you have it. You've probably noticed by this point in the quiz that when faced with the question "Wine or Wine Not," the answer is almost always Wine.


One of the biggest misconceptions about wine is that it’s only meant for special occasions. This couldn’t be further from the truth! GSI’s selection of plastic and metal nesting and stemless wine glasses mean you can enjoy wine almost anywhere without the fear of breaking a fancy wine glass. Now any occasion can be a “special occasion.”


And for anyone who didn't get 100% on this quiz, you've got a lot of studying to do.

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