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What is my account password?

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How do I cancel my order?

Once payment has been collected you cannot cancel your order. If you have any concerns about an order that has already been placed please contact an GSI Outdoors Customer Service Representative at 800-704-4474.

Can I add or change items to my order?

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How do I order if I am in Canada?

Due to duties and taxes we do not currently offer sales to Canada.

How do I order parts?

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Are your products BPA Free?

All products designed to come in contact with food or drink are BPA free.

Why can I not buy GSI Outdoors fuel from the website?

Due to hazmat regulations we are not able to send fuel through the mail. Please visit one of the following trusted retailers to purchase: Dicks Sporting Goods, MEC, FGL Sports, and Atmosphere.
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How do I clean my hard anodized pots and pans?

We suggest you hand wash with soapy warm water.

What is Hard Anodization?

We use a high grade 3000 series aluminum stock that is formed into a pan or pot. Then we hard anodize treat the entire pan before applying the non-stick (PTFE e.g. Teflon) interior coating. The hard anodization process produces a coating of aluminum oxide, penetrating the surface to create garnet hard surface that is more durable and longer lasting than painted coatings. Unique in our production method is that we provide a hardened surface under the non-stick coating, providing longer durability, greater resistance to impact abrasion and yet superior conductivity to steel and titanium (aluminum is three times more conductive by weight than steel and titanium) reducing hot spots and pan burn through. This process is more expensive but we feel that it is one of the key performance enhancing processes in the production of our pots and pans. The outshot is the hard anodizing process is environmentally safe; the pan is engineered with features to maximize its usefulness and longevity. Some of these are our spiral pattern bottom which prevents the pan or pot from vibrating off the stove, our externally mounted handle grip bracket, which allows the pan or pot to be handled without scratching the interior non-stick, the pot lid is a frying pan instead of a single use flat lid, the hard anodized surface is inherently non-stick and non-staining allowing for easy clean-up and less water consumption.

What grade is your Stainless Steel?


Can the stainless steel cook sets be used on an induction stove?

They can but you will not get full value because the bottom of the pot is not flat.

What is the difference between the Pinnacle and Bugaboo series?

The Teflon coating, the type of aluminum the pots are made from and the plastic tableware.
Please see our Explore pages for more detail

Can you use Frypans on an induction cook surface?

No, the exterior surface of the pan is all aluminum, in order to use with an induction-style cooking surface the bottom of the pan needs to have steel or steel plating in it.