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  • Pinnacle Dualist

    Ultimate, Integrated Cooking + Eating Solution item# 50148 MSRP $64.95

    Crushproof,  heat-resistant, nylon lid and silicone ring will not deform in packs and includes an integrated strainer. Convenient folding handle locks into place for cooking and secures entire set for transport. Unique bowl + mug solution with low center of gravity and Sip-It virtually eliminates spills while the integrated insulating sleeve keeps your drinks hot.  Ingenious, welded stuff sack holds set while traveling and doubles as a sink or wash basin in camp. Integrated nesting for ultralight stoves and fuel canisters (220/110 g).

    Pinnacle Dualist
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  • major dimension

    2 Person


    21.6 oz.


    5.90" x 6.40" x 5.90"


    Non-Stick Coated, Hard Anodized Aluminum, Clear Polypropylene, Nylon 6-6, Silicone

    Product Use

    Ultralight Backpacking 


    1.8 L Pot, Strainer Lid, 2 20 fl. oz. insulated mugs, 2 20 fl. oz. bowls, 2 Sip-It tops, 2 Telescoping Foons, Stove Bag, Welded Sink

  • Pinnacle

    Pinnacle series cookware uses Teflon┬« with Radiance technology which has been tested and approved expressly for campware use. The secret lies in a specially-formulated topcoat engineered to enhance heat dispersion and virtually eliminate hot spots. Moreover, the three layer coating was built to survive the toughest conditions and boasts an unprecedented level of scratch and abrasion resistance. More Info »


    Infinity is an ultra-lightweight, completely recyclable, BPA-Free alternative to Polycarbonate resins. With exceptional clarity, jewel-like brilliance and 25% weight savings over Polycarbonate; its beauty is truly inspired. Furthermore, Infinity will not absorb food odors like other plastics and will not leach plasticizers or other chemicals into either food or beverage. Infinity pieces remain strong in both hot and cold and are so light that they actually remain buoyant when filled with water. Amazingly, Infinity actually becomes more stain-resistant with every wash. More Info »

  • nFORM Ultralight Dualist Lid
    nFORM Ultralight Dualist Lid

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    Ultralight Java Drip
    Ultralight Java Drip

    Diminutive Drip Coffee Maker

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  • Parts

    nFORM Ultralight Dualist Lid
    nFORM Ultralight Dualist Lid

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    **WARNING: Prior to initial use, always wash with hot water and mild detergent at home and dry immediately. Use only non-abrasive cloths and cleaners. Always allow components to dry completely before storing. Microwaves and dishwashers may prematurely age components. nFORM Ultralight Cookware and Tableware is not intended for prolonged storage of food or liquids. Should a component become crazed or fractured, discontinue use and please recycle the pieces.**


    **CAUTION: Never heat nFORM Ultralight cookware to extreme temperatures or allow it to boil dry. Pot and Strainer lid intended for stovetop use only. Not for use with microwave ovens, conventional ovens or open campfires. Pinnacle cookware is expressly approved for camp stove use. Not approved for in-home use. Handle may become hot when cooking. Always use caution when grasping handle. Never expose handle to direct flame. Do not attempt to separate mug and bowl while full.**


    **DANGER: Always assure that handle is in the fully extended and locked position before use. Steam will vent through holes in the Strainer lid during use. Always point Strainer Lid away from handle, stove controls and self while cooking. Always hold Strainer Lid securely against the pot when straining or pouring. Always allow unit to cool before cleaning or disassembling. Do not attempt to rapidly cool nFORM Ultralight Cookware. Always respect fire and all other hot substances.**

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