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Gifts For Adventurers

Gifts For Adventurers

The ultimate gift guide for people who love adventuring. Our gift guide features our favorite adventurer's gear of 2017.

  • Ultralight Table- Small

    Ultralight Table- Small

    Incredibly light, folding technical platform
    Price: $34.95
  • Pinnacle 4 Season Stove

    Pinnacle 4 Season Stove

    remote canister, high-efficiency, all-season backpacking stove
    Price: $79.95
  • Halulite Ketalist

    Halulite Ketalist

    Definitive, integrated cooking + eating solution
    Price: $34.95
  • Glacier Stainless Commuter JavaPress

      Glacier Stainless Commuter JavaPress

      The Perfected, Double-walled, French Press Coffee Mug
      Price: $34.95
      Price: $34.95
      Price: $34.95
      Price: $34.95
      Price: $34.95
    • Glacier Stainless Bottle Cup Large

      Glacier Stainless Bottle Cup Large

      Lightweight, ultra-rugged bottle cup/pot
      Price: $14.95
    • Pack Knife

      Pack Knife

      Compact, non-stick coated, stainless steel utility knife
      Price: $7.95
    • Glacier Stainless Bowl w/ Handle

      Glacier Stainless Bowl w/ Handle

      Rugged 18-8 premium stainless steel that goes anywhere.
      Price: $12.95