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Glacier Stainless Imperial Vacuum Pint

Premium vacuum pint

Glacier Stainless Imperial Vacuum Pint

Glacier Stainless Imperial Vacuum Pint

Premium vacuum pint

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Price $21.95

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Price: $21.95
We set out to create the best Imperial pint glass in the world. Our combination of best-in-class stainless steel vacuum insulation with the look and feel of a classic British pint glass provides you with the perfect beer drinking experience. The texturized interior provides superior nucleation for the perfect head and aroma, while the slim, lightweight design allows you to enjoy your adult beverage easily and comfortably.

Features & Specs

Product Specifications

Major Dimension: 20 fl. oz.

Weight: 9.7 oz.

Dimensions: 3.4'' x 3.2'' x 7.2''

Material: Stainless Steel, Polypropylene, Silicone

Product Use: Car Camping, Destination Camping, Camp & Cabin, Day Use

20 fl. oz. Vacuum Pint, Sip-It Top

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Support & Warranty


WARNING: Hand wash with mild detergent in hot water after use. Always rinse pint before and after each use. Only use non-abrasive cloths and cleaners. Dishwashers may prematurely age components. Do not expose to bleach or cleansers containing bleach or ammonia. Flavor may be affected if used to store liquids for longer than three days continuously. Should pint no longer retain heat, discontinue use and please recycle the retired pieces.


Not for stovetop, microwave or oven use. Do not freeze. Not for use with acidic substances. Do not fill with hot liquids within 1 (25mm) of the top of the container. Contents may be very hot. Assure lid seal is clean




All GSI Outdoors products purchased in North America are fully warrantied to the original owner against manufacturer's defects in materials and workmanship.

Normal wear and tear, which includes, but is not limited to, scuffs, dust, dirt, abrasion, etc., is not a valid reason for a warranty return. Repairs due to accident, improper care, or negligence will be performed at a reasonable charge.


Product Manual Download Product Manual (PDF)

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