Other nFORM Systems: nForm Ultralight nForm Destination
Key BenefitThe most versatile system
Performance ProfileThe perfect blend of size, weight and cooking performance
User ProfileBackpackers / Car Campers / Kayakers

System Story

For far too long, “gourmet meals” and “camping” have seemed mutually-exclusive, leaving backcountry gourmets feeling overlooked, under-whelmed and terribly hungry. For these customers, the gear required to make that perfect recipe has always been riddled with frustrating trade-offs and compromises.

The nFORM Crossover System represents a unique solution of ingenious tableware and cookware items designed to finally meet the needs of those demanding customers seeking to enjoy great outdoor meals without the heft of their home cookware. What’s more, the system’s modular design can be configured for backpacking, camping or anything in-between with the exact pieces required for 2-4 people to enjoy a gourmet meal on the go.
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System Breakdown



Crushproof strainer lid made of BPA-Free resin prevents deformation of your pot/lid and works with either the pot or the frypan.



Exclusive folding gripper compacts for easy storage and locks to and removes easily from exterior brackets providing a secure handle while cooking.



Amazingly compact, color-coded items nest inside set and provide personalized tableware settings. (All nFORM Crossover System Cooksets)



Rugged, welded stuff sack holds set and doubles as a sink or wash basin. (Backpacker and Camper Cooksets)


Bugaboo Backpacker

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Infinity Compact Tableset

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Stacking Cutlery Set

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Bugaboo Camper

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Crossover Kitchen Kit

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Pinnacle Backpacker

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Gourmet Plate Set

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Pinnacle Camper

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Nesting Mug + Bowl

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