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Key BenefitThe most portable system
Performance ProfileAll the necessities in a compact, ultralight package
User ProfileFast-Packers / Alpinists / Bike Tourers

Diminuitive, ultralight cooking + eating solution

We love exposure as much as anyone, but who says that you have to put up with burn marks and dead weight? We say stop making sacrifices and open your eyes to the possibilities of ultralight without the cost and constant disappointment of Titanium.

The nFORM Ultralight line has taken the unique needs of fast and light backpacking and built a system of solutions that defy the notion that ultralight means making sacrifices. Time, comfort, efficiency, performance and ultra-light weight in a system built for one or two.

From low-profile mugs whose wide base and low center of gravity help prevent spills to crushproof lids with integrated strainers, the nFORM Ultralight System is packed full of ingenious solutions to the real problems facing those who want to go fast and light. With welded sinks which double as stuff sacks, insulated sleeves to keep drinks warm, integrated nesting for ultralight stoves and fuel and folding handles which lock in place to secure your set, the nFORM Ultralight system puts your pack on super-slimming weight loss plan while leaving you feeling completely satisfied.
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System Breakdown



Crushproof lid made of BPA-Free resin prevents deformation of your pot and includes an integrated strainer. (Soloist, MicroDualist, Dualist)



Convenient folding handle locks into place for cooking and secures entire set for transport.



Unique bowl + mug solution with low center of gravity and Sip-It lid virtually eliminate spills while the insulating sleeve keeps drinks hot.



Ingenious, welded stuff sack holds set while traveling and doubles as a sink or wash basin in camp. (Ketalist, Soloist, MicroDualist, Dualist)


Halulite Minimalist

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Glacier Dualist

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Halulite Ketalist

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Halulite Microdualist

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Telescoping Foon

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Glacier Ketalist

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Pinnacle Dualist

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Pinnacle Soloist

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Nesting Bowl + Mug

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